25 thoughts on “Democracy Now

  1. Eoin

    Great. Now Averil Power can go back to doing whatever her day job is and stay out of politics. She’s real bad at representing the people. In fact it’s a bit shameful she came in fourth. And she was pipped at the post in the general elections too.

    1. han solo's carbonite dream

      Power isn’t bad at all , she seems able and committed. Although her reasons for ditching FF seems like bullpoo and I reckon it was the mickey didn’t like the cut of her jib.

      It’s Bacik that upsets me , more years on the gravy train for her spouting her brand of hate.
      offering nothing but tired worn out ideas but some people lap that up. the fools.
      waste of space and money.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Exactly. I know Ivana: she’s lovely. And I am too, so NERRRRRRRRRRR.

          1. rory

            Not sure if you’re aware, but outside of gamergate circles, when a person uses the term social justice warrior as a pejorative, most people will assume that person is a tw@t.

      1. classter

        I’m not a huge fan of Bacik but I have seen very little ‘hate’ from her. Care to explain?

    1. Kieran NYC

      And a breeding ground for new ones.

      It’s like pop acts at gay bars – you’re either on your way up, or on your way down.

  2. DBag

    If Lynn Ruane gets in ahead of Avril Power it would be incredible. Nothing against Power, it’s just that she seems like a career politician while Ruane is coming from a background entirely alien to the rest.

    1. Andy

      What exactly is so great about her background?
      – She had a kid,
      – She went to college as an adult,
      – She joins the Seanad

      am i missing something?

      Not saying Power is any better but Ruane isn’t exactly bringing much to the table.

  3. ALisonT

    Looks like it is more of the same. Ethna Tinney has the background and track record standing up to corruption and she ends up way down the list. Bacik spreads hate and gets in easily.

  4. boggo

    as long as Power doesn’t get in I will be happy. the amount of coverage the Indo gave her in the election was ridiculous.

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