Meanwhile, In Lesbos


BBC News producer Will Vernon tweets from Lesbos island, Greece where 4,345 people are currently being detained.


Last night at the detention centre in Moria, on Lesbos Island:


Andrew Connolly, for Raw News, reported:

A mass riot has broken out between refugees and police inside the Moria detention centre on the Greek island of Lesbos during the night of April 26.

On Tuesday afternoon, thick, black plumes of smoke could been seen floating above the facility and Raw News witnessed numerous refugees being carried out injured and suffering from tear gas inhalation.

NGO sources inside confirmed that [the] riot started in the wing which detains unaccompanied children, which then intensified after police beat a child, and subsequently used tear gas.

Riots break out at Moria refugee camp in Lesvos Island (Raw News, includes video)

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Pic: Emma Hett

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Lesbos

  1. Smith

    Maybe his family and/or friends are in Ireland, Will. Maybe it’s not such a bad country, Will. Maybe your tweet is a lie, Will.

    1. ahjayzis

      Valerie Cox was saying the same thing the other day though.

      It’s not an anti-Ireland thing, they’ve just never heard of the place. We’re only really ‘famous’ where we’ve sent a load of emigrants. Several taxi drivers in Tunis thought Irlande was in Amerique du Sud when they asked me where I was from >_<

    1. Twunt

      There is a great pic of the Swedish PM with some unaccompanied migrant children, full grown men they were, beards, greying hair, receding hairline.

  2. ollie

    “A mass riot has broken out between refugees and police”
    Translation, refugees rioted, police restored order. Nothing to see here

    1. mauriac

      revealing phrasing indeed . virtue signalers purport to believe that we can all just reasonably discuss our way to the solution to any problem but citizens who have been kept under a dictatorial leash all their lives don’t operate within the same parameters…

      1. Homercleese

        Yeah… so you’re saying they should be happy to sit, imprisoned in internment camps, waiting, with nothing to occupy them, while an uncaring, demonstrably hostile, bureaucratic system decides their fate?
        Or is it a comment on how we, civilised westerners, *would* just sit gormlessly like sheep awaiting slaughter?

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