16 thoughts on “River Iffy

  1. Gers

    Trying out the old Clickbait/Virals now? The “youtube for dummies” book must be near its last page now?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    He points with great accuracy and gusto in fairness. I’ve not seen a man point so well since my days of sprat spotting on the Mayo coast.

    I’m going to have to get my specially purchased Pointing Practice Gear on. I got it in LiDL, on special, and it’s good gear streamlined with the latest goretex materials for smooth stretching to that perfect ten full-on arm length pointing.
    But that’s for the professionals, I’m a bit passed it to get up to that level. I can stretch the arm right, but I miss hitting the point usually, just not as accurate as young folk.

    Fair play to LJG ! A pointing hero out west !!

  3. edalicious


    This is absolutely ridiculous. Where is the content here? This is pure click farming.

  4. Evey

    Wish haters would just go watch something else?? U have de hole of de internet! After all, when something mildly irritating but improbable in terms of recurrence is – however implausibly – repeated, it creates an unbearable, almost sexual tension, in the viewer. Take this sketch from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross at their height. Watch as they risk and virtually succeed in losing the audience’s patience.



    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Lad, if this was something you were just doing for the craic, for your own enjoyment, you could complain about the “haters” but all your videos are adverts. That makes them fair game.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    What next? A CCTV of a Chinese moped rider surviving being run over by a truck (…but probably maimed and paralysed for life)?

  6. Thomas P

    During the day, one can clearly see swarms of grey mullets swimming up the Liffey, and effectively disturbing the surface.

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