37 thoughts on “Trolls Beware

  1. Harry the Horse

    Parked on the footpath? What did they expect? You can’t just randomly park your car anywhere you want any more. There are clampers everywhere now, public and private.

  2. The Real Jane

    Yes, it doesn’t seem excessively surprising that, if you park in an area where there is a notice saying you could get clamped, you run the risk of getting clamped.

  3. Simon Hall

    I’m pretty sure according to bye laws, you can park on footpaths as long as 3 or more wheels are on the pavement and you are not obstructing use of the pavement.

    1. Harry the Horse

      Pish !!! Old wives tales !!! Why not actually read the SI and get the facts:
      S.I. No. 182/1997 – Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations, 1997
      36 Prohibitions on Parking
      36. (1) Save as otherwise provided for in these Regulations and subject to article 5, a vehicle shall not be parked on a public road at a location, in a manner or for a purpose referred to in this article.
      ( i ) on a footway, a grass margin or a median strip;

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Irish Rail and emergency services need access to bridges for maintenance and emergencies.

    I do object to clamping in general though. It can’t be constitutional. Slam them with the fine instead.

  5. Brian S

    Doesn’t matter where they parked. If they were parked illegally then Irish rail should have notified the Gardai who would issue a parking fine. A private company clamping a car is illegal in itself. Remove the clamp any way you want and carry on your day

      1. The Real Jane

        I’d love to see it come up in court though.

        Parker: “A man on the internet told me it was OK to park here. I took my bolt cutters because he also told me it was OK to remove the clamp myself, so I did it. I call Internet Lawyer as my first witness.”

        Internet Lawyer: “I am not a lawyer, and I’d like to put this on the record – even I don’t take my advice. I was bored at lunchtime so I decided to give everyone the benefit of what I reckon never for a moment expecting anyone to take any notice. Also, if you are in negative equity and post your keys back to the bank, you don’t have to pay your mortgage any more.”

        1. Brian S

          It’s covered under the road traffic act, the AA did an article a while back, that I can’t be arsed finding. But basically it is illegal to interfere with or impede a privately owned vehicle whether on private or public property. If you remove the clamp with out damaging it nothing can be done, if you damage it and they can prove you did I.e someone from ncps saw you they *could take a civil case for criminal damage against you, but would then need to prove that they had acted within the law to put the clamp on in the first place, which they couldn’t as the law states you can’t

          Legally the only people who can clamp you currently is the council, Gardai or someone contracted by the council

    1. pedeyw

      I don’t like clamping, either but I’m not sure that’s true, though. What part of clamping it is illegal?

      1. Harry the Horse

        There was a “legal eagle” on Newstalk a good while back, when Leo Varaka had transport & was talking about regulating private clampers. He gave an opinion that while it was illegal to trespass (park on private property) it “may” have been a greater crime to prevent a trespasser willingly leave your property (by clamping them), so perhaps in that case, cutting off the clamp could be okay. He reckoned it would have to be tested in the courts to get the answer. I haven’t heard of anyone taking that case yet.

    2. Owen C

      Its not like this stuff is hard to fact check or anything…


      3. The following are hereby prescribed as authorised persons for the purposes of section 101B of the Principal Act: –

      (a) a member of the Garda Síochána;
      (b) a person appointed in writing by a local authority for the said purposes;
      (c) a traffic warden

      The vehicle bearing the identification mark , having been found to be parked [state nature of parking] in contravention of a prohibition or restriction under * section 35/* section 36 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994 , has been fitted with an immobilisation device by the undersigned *being an authorised person/*acting under the direction of an authorised person for the purposes of section 101B of the Road Traffic Act, 1961 .

      1. ____

        That relates to parking on roads/footpaths etc. not private property.

        (Not trying to push an agenda here, but those particular rules don’t apply.)

      2. Harry the Horse

        I my vastly inexperienced legal opinion, the difference is public road v private property. I don’t think you can trespass on a public road and Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act doesn’t apply to private property.

    3. neil

      CIÉ are allowed to set bye-laws on their property, and the Vehicle Clamping Act 2015 amends the Transport Act to allow them set charges for the removal of clamps.

  6. p

    Parked on a footpath by the looks of things. I support crushing these cars into tiny little pieces.

  7. Liam Deliverance

    They don’t do the annoying and difficult to remove sticker on the drivers window anymore?

  8. Ultach

    Alternatively, buy an actual clamp, park anywhere you like and affix said clamp. When you return to your vehicle unlock your clamp, place it in the boot and drive off. Selfcongratulate for getting away with being an antisocial twerp.

  9. Bill

    All those cars belong to a garage in the lane beside bridge. That garage has parked cars there for years and years. I wonder why now all of a sudden Irish rail have done this.

    1. some old queen

      Who said it was Irish Rail who instigated this? NCPS are renown for their sharp practices.

      Anyone know what the connection between NCPS and parkbytext.ie is? They are two separate companies yet the same people answer the phones for both.

  10. alan

    So a garage selling cars, or commuters, are parking their cars on the footpath? Feck’ em, clamp them all – http://i.imgur.com/vEtKwhW.jpg
    If this were up to the city or county councils they would never bother taking action (I’m looking at you Naas Road – full footpaths of cars for sale).

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