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The bridge, built in the 1960s, stands on the A10 toll motorway and is known as the Morandi bridge. The missing section was dozens of metres in length, and ran across the span of the Polcevera stream.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica described that part of the city as “densely inhabited”.

The structure collapsed shortly before noon local time (10:00 GMT) during heavy rain.

An eyewitness told Italian public television there was a queue of traffic on the bridge at the time. Initial reports indicate there may be people trapped in the rubble.

Italy bridge: Genoa motorway bridge collapses ‘killing at least 10’ (BBC)

Pics via Antonello Guerrara

A very impressive LEGO Mindstorms bridge-building rig constructed back in 2012 by (presumably off-duty but you’d never know) boffins at the Oslo And Akershus University Of Applied Science.


A recent aerial shot (bottom) of the 12.9km long Confederation Bridge (top) linking Prince Edward Island to mainland New Brunswick in Canada showing surface ice in the frozen strait neatly sliced into rectangles by its evenly spaced piers. To wit:

To put the rectangles into perspective, the bridge piers that are designed to break up the ice floes are 250 meters apart. That distance would also represent the width of each of the rectangles. The length of the blocks varies but, on average, the length is about 75 per cent greater than the width.

(Photo: Paul Tymstra)



The Lady Desart Pedestrian and Cycle bridge, Kilkenny.

okellyabu tweets:

Is this safe @TheHSA ? No safety boat, no life jackets over water. 20k paint job forthis?

Stephen Dunne writes:

Local authorities cracking down on the latest craze on Wicklow town’s foot bridge.


Glencar, Co. Leitrim.

(Thanks Olga Wehrly)


Spotted in the Imperial Hotel in Cork city.

Thanks Dave Taylor


Dave Kinnane writes:

At Hook Head (obviously not referring to any overpaid celebrity troll)

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The proposed Laguna Garzón Bridge between Rocha and Maldonado in Uruguay. Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly to calm traffic and minimise the impact on the sensitive ecosystem of the lake beneath, it’s described as a ‘lagoon within a lagoon, observatory, tourist attraction and fishing spot’.

The bridge will replace an existing, seasonally hazardous two-car raft connecting the counties.


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The Billiard Ring – a plexiglass finger-worn doodad designed to take the place of a bridge/spider, presumably doubling as a handy knuckleduster in baize-related disagreements.

Six sizes available in black, white and red with right and left handed variants.

$20 (€17.70) here