Meanwhile, Outside The Dáil



This lunchtime.

Mental health campaigners join members of the Students Union of Ireland and Mental Health Reform outside the Dáil.

The demonstration follows recent reports that €12million of the €35million mental health budget will be transferred to other areas in the Department of Health.

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The speech delivered by Shane Gillen during the demonstration.

Thanks Shane

31 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Outside The Dáil

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        I would imagine so. But still, I wouldn’t put it past them to brush it under the rug either.

        1. rotide

          “and the headlines on the One News today…..CROWDS GATHER”

          There’s a good use of the licence fee alright.

          You are aware that there are protests outside the dail most days right?

          1. Supercrazyprices

            Rotide thinks all these people should just get over it, cheer up. It makes him feel awkward having to acknowledge mental health.

    1. Smith

      Not on TV3 5.30 or RTE Six One.

      Couldn’t send a reporter to Leinster House? They’re outside empty buildings most days.

  1. Eoin

    Not covered on RTE? Sounds about right. Anyone hear Joe Duffy yesterday? It’s pretty much THE current affairs radio show on during the day. And he’s having a go at the church for the whole show. When everyone wants to discuss issues like Irish Water, no government in office, homelessness, mental health reform etc. etc. Joe is having a pop at the church instead. Talk about diverting the publics attention away from the important stuff. No doubt his producer handed him a list of issues he was NOT allowed to discuss. RTE is journalistically toothless at best, a totally compromised state propaganda network at worst. Either way we should really be refusing to pay our TV license.

    1. ScaryLady

      Not a huge fan of his but mental health and suicide was discussed in depth on Joe Duffy over the last week. You can check out the podcasts.

      Also while I totally agree that the setup of Irish Water was a complete fiasco, I suppose that we can now expect more money to be diverted away from areas such as health and towards propping up our aged water services now that the charges have been suspended. It’ll either be that or we’ll be taxed more to pay for it.

      1. Rob_G

        “… I suppose that we can now expect more money to be diverted away from areas such as health and towards propping up our aged water services now that the charges have been suspended.”

        – I have no doubt that this is precisely what will happen.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Yep. Back on the government books, like that’s a good thing. And eventually the normal under-investment in water will resume as usual.

          As I posted earlier – Ironic that the same people complaining about saddling children and future generations with the debt from the bank bailout are perfectly willing to dump the inevitable gigantic investment required to save water infrastructure when it crumbles in 30 years on them.

  2. Phelem O'Doherty-Mooney

    Not that many people there. I thought Bressie’s tweet the other day with the picture of the empty Dáil would stir the waters of mental health advocates to come out in force, even in today’s miserable weather. Shame on them. Shame on anyone that wants to make mental health a sticking point in the next election. I, like Bressie, will be remembering those in his twitter’s Dáil screen-shot and won’t vote for their parties. Because we all partied, partied like it was 1999. Marinate for 3 hours.

  3. joe

    of all the various types of celebrity, sure the ‘mental health celebrity’ is the most loathsome. you’re nobody in tv right now if you haven’t had some kind of episode

    1. Supercrazyprices

      Mild anxiety or a touch of cancer.

      Pisses me off. It belittles people who deal with the real stuff every day and aren’t 2fm DJs, ex rugby players, Indo journos.

      Some use it as a career move. And they never look bad in a photo.

  4. John

    I’m just thinking the mental health budget was supposed to be ring fenced at 35M annually with the actual amount spent being much lower.

    With out prejudice; on 1 transaction, allegedly DOB made 30M on the sale of a building recently of which he did precisely nothing bar buy land. He employed others to build etc and utlised a tax loophole to pay no tax on his 30M. It really puts things in perspective in this bog hole!

    1. rotide

      It really doesn’t put anything in perspective apart from your ability to link 2 totally unrelated things.

      1. Nigel

        Looking at unrelated things is often a way of getting perspective. How different things appear in relation to each other is what perspective is.

  5. John

    Let me explain where I am coming from.

    The amounts in question for a annual budget for the whole country can be produced in profit by one individual on 1 property transaction.

    Presumably the issues around lack of provision for mental health are lack of funding.

    Profiteering of such scale should at the very least produce a tax contribution to the country where profits were created.

    Said tax would go towards alleviating budget shortfalls etc

    So they relate in terms of money lost to a society to the benefit of an extremely wealthy individual and the sheer scale of profit in 1 transaction which could fund mental health services for 1 year.

    We have the most envious GDP & growth rate in EU or whatever but not enough money to pay for decent mental health system.

    All related through inequality and a funneling of funds to the richest %

    1. fmong


      Mental Health service is a cheap investment if you focus on early intervention and services and save yourself on the other end against long stays in institutions, the rehab fees, and health costs related to alcohol and drug abuse, never mind the lack of sick pay and lack of economic activity from people who are to ill to work..

  6. gorugeen

    The public mental health system has pockets of good practice and resource in a handful of areas. Everywhere else is mis-managed, under resourced and under funded. The 12 million, while shocking, is a mere drop in the ocean relative to the amount needed to bring parity of treatment to folks of all areas. With the suicide rate we have i can’t see how any Politicians can claim progress in this area.

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