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aboveDatAddicted ft. Christiana Underwood

What you may need to know…

01. Comprised of legendary Cork DJ Stevie G and Ian Ring (one half of much-fancied electronic-pop duo Young Wonder), aboveDat have this week released debut single Addicted.

02. Releasing via Stevie’s own Soul Jamz label, Addicted is available for download via iTunes from May 6th.

03. Featuring vocals from Leeside-based songstress and regular Stevie collaborator Christiana Underwood, the tune is an admitted ’80s throwback, all strident synths. It’s streaming in the widget above.

04. The duo has DJ appearances coming up throughout 2016, stay tuned to their social media for more.

Verdict: Groovy, summery stuff from a soulful supergroup.


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