An Irish Delicacy



An independent water commission? Is the “Great Irish Fudge” now being served up with mugs of Irish Water? This traditional political confection contains generous amounts of common and exotic nuts.

It looks inviting, tastes sweet at first, but has a sticky consistency, a bitter aftertaste and inevitably costs more than the initial price tag suggests.

Regularly repackaged to appeal to the whimsy of its target market, its familiar scent wafts once again from Ireland’s “can’t stand the heat” political kitchens. As any time-pressed chef knows, serving up a tried and tested favourite, when all that’s left on the menu are old chestnuts and red herrings, guarantees at least some measure of reprieve in the last-chance saloon.

Patricia Mulkeen,
Co Sligo.

Mixing water and politics (Irish Times letters)

14 thoughts on “An Irish Delicacy

      1. Kieran NYC

        Some think the EU are going to magically cough up billions and billions.

        Just because we don’t want to/can’t sort out or pay for our water infrastructure.

        1. dav

          Their magically coffing up billions to support the bond market, but that’s all right ’cause it’s “high finance” or some such bull, greasing the pole for spivs and bondholders.

        2. Sheik Yahbouti

          God almighty, you really are a boring gobdaw. Please stay in the Home of the Free and leave us alone in our ignorance. We will survive somehow.

  1. some old queen

    Trying to bring up political issues with a Water Engineer is like trying to debate hair styles with a frog.

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