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      1. Mike

        All bread is ‘processed stuff’. The flour that makes your bread is ‘processed stuff’. Unless you want to walk into a field and start eating handfuls of raw wheat…it’s all processed stuff. Be glad for it…

    1. Bruncvik

      Most likely. But some gluten free products just happen to be better than gluten full products. Gluten free flour, for example, is so much better for cakes than regular flour, that even though I’m perfectly normal I’ll keep using it.

      1. Anne

        “Gluten free flour, for example, is so much better for cakes than regular flour”

        How do you mean much better for cakes?

        I made some desserts recently for people over for dinner who don’t eat gluten and they flopped a bit.. the gluten intolerant guest mentioned that you need to use some xanthan gum if you use gluten free flour.

        1. Bruncvik

          I guess it depends on the cake. For regular flour based cakes, such as carrot cake or pound cake, I found that gluten free flour (mix of coconut and corn) resulted into a much lighter body. I didn’t need to add anything extra.

          1. Anne

            Coconut flour sounds interesting… I might give that a go.
            The chocolate thing I made was grand, but I made banana bread too and it wasn’t the best. It fell apart. I make it all the time with regular flour and it’s grand. It might have just not been cool enough too.

    2. Mario Balotelli

      Clampers Outside! – Not necessarily true. Many people are wheat intolerant – leading to indigestion, gas, acid, stomach cramps etc – and eating gluten free products relieves this. Speaking from personal experience. Everyone just thinks it’s some kind of hipster fad.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Apologies, if you’re wheat intolerant, then of course there’s a benefit.

        My point is ‘going gluten free’ for the diet, without any medical reason, has no benefit. If ones gut is tolerant and one is not coeliac, I should have said.
        Thanks for the correction :)

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