We’re Playing YOUR Song



Sheila Larkin wins a €25 voucher to use at Golden Discs nationwide.

Sheila chose blissed out stoner classic Albatross by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (above), a UK number 1 in 1968, “so we can all close our eyes and at least pretend summer is starting…”

Blummin’ hippy.

Runners up:

Stephen: “Play Time Of The Preacherby Willie Nelson because today is his birthday.”

James Chimney:  “Play ‘Sensitive Outsider‘ by Half Man Half Biscuit because it contains the words “Broadsheet” in the first verse, and reminds me of some of the more….er pretentious up their own hole types that are all too common these days….”

Pooter: ” Play 257 Weeks by Nine Days at  because it was the inspiration for the best lipdub video ever made.”

Rory: “Play Bulbs by Van Morrison at midday today because it’s a good old song.”

Clampers Outside: ‘Play April 29th by Sublime because… today is April 29th, silly ’

Thanks all

Golden Discs

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23 thoughts on “We’re Playing YOUR Song

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Good choice! I could not listen in at midday – darn ‘work’ thing got in the way, so going to listen on the headphones and be there in spirit!

    A friend of mine learned this on guitar when we were younger. He always fretted that he could not get it quite right until one night he played it in front of a local musician who was blown away. My friend did not know that it was done with two guitars – he learned it by ear from the album. That friend is one of the most talented guitarists I have ever met.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Actually, in keeping, and not looking for the prize, but on Sunday, being May 1 – International Workers Day – how about playing ‘Man of the World’ bu the same Fleetwood Mac? Just a thought.

          1. Slightly Bemused

            You have a really interesting song collection, my friend :) I am truly impressed!

        1. Slightly Bemused

          A really good song indeed, and perhaps more apt. I was just following the Fleetwood Mac theme :)

          1. Slightly Bemused

            Still can’t understand how that kept Ultravox’s Vienna off the #1 slot! But I guess people who will also vote Mr Blobby to #1 will vote anything. Hell, we even sent a turkey to the Eurovision, and once even sent Dustin!

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I hear ya Slightly Bemused.

            Johnny Logan was Number One when Ian Curtis died.


            You tell me….

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    Top notch. That’s put me in the mood for going to Munich and having an acid induced mental breakdown.

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