The Craic Is Dobry



Are ya Having That writes:

‘LeatherJacketGuy’ Tastes Every Polish Beer He Could Find & Tells Us Some ‘Crazy Facts About Polish People!’


From left: Minister of State Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Polish Ambassador to Ireland Ryszard Sarkowicz, President of Leinster Rugby Robert McDermott and Leinster player Isaac Boss  launching the PolskaÉire Festival at Donnybrook Stadium

Come see the giants of Polish rugby in Dublin.

Sękowska-Moroney Nikola writes:

Polish and Irish rugby teams will meet for the first time in history for a friendly match on May 21st, as part of this year’s PolskaÉire Festival.

Arka Gdynia, Poland’s champions, will face a Leinster Representative Side in this historic encounter. Witness history in the making and join us on May 21st at Donnybrook Stadium…


PolskaÉire Festival

Pic: Rafał Kostrzewa

19 thoughts on “The Craic Is Dobry

  1. x&y

    This is not the first time Irish and Polish rugby teams will meet. We went on tour there in 2008 and got wiped off the park by a bunch of muscle bound freaks.

  2. Funster Fionnanánn

    I feel sorry for him.

    And that swallowing noise… Over and over and over and over

  3. collynomial

    I like the green-white-orange-white-red stripes, but what are is the logo supposed to be?

  4. Nina

    He pronounced them not bad! Does the Leather man know his polish? After all, we do have the best beers in the world!

  5. PeadarFromTheBlock

    Glad to see polish beers being appreciated in this video. And polish women. 3 two thumbs up.

  6. Anne

    Jesus Christ..

    from Min 4:46 there..

    She tastes, she tastes, she taaaastes like the sweat of a beer bottle as she’s held between a Polish woman’s pair a suckers.. a beautiful Polish woman’s pair a suckers… ahhhhh, waaaaahhh, but all women have lovely suckers..especially Polish women, go wan gimme your number.. and you know suckers that just look at cha…. they just bloody look at cha, ta….eat um .. they’ve all a home in Leather Jacket Guy’s heart… me mouth heart.. ja know when suckers just look at cha.. just look at cha.. like traffic lights.. walk all over me.. walk all over me with your tongue.. Suckers I love you, suckers I love you in me arms, suckers I love you in me mouth…. if you are a sucker and you’ve got a sister, come and stay in myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mouth.

    Jesus fupping christ on a bike.. Someone didn’t get breastfed enough from mammy.

    1. missred

      Can’t play the sound on these and now don’t want to. That’s put me right off my tucker.

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      In fairness, you’re supposed to laugh AT him not WITH him really. He’s an Ali G-esque parody…..who advertises beer brands.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Jaysus you’ll defend any worthless indefensible shoite to the death just to be contrarian, won’t you?

        Tell us again how great the Luas workers and Paul Murphy are.

  7. Tish Mahorey

    May I officially thank the Polish embassy for their touching rendition of “Beidh Aonach Amárach” to celebrate 1916 with us.

  8. Mike Baldwin

    This guy is kind of like my niece at Christmas when my mother asks her to do a song for everyone. It’s painful to watch and terrible but we humour her because she’s autistic.

  9. Niallo

    Is it just me, or is this lad just the wrong side of Ricky Gervais divide ? e.g. He prompts me to not laugh at, or with him, but punch him, hard, in the face.
    And whats with the beard ? looks painted on.
    Oh yeah Polish beers are very good, and the ladies are very attractive.

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