12 thoughts on “Breaking The Law

  1. Funster Fionnanánn

    Ahh lads, seriously is he alright? And are we allowed talk about his face?

    1. Daddy Wilson

      Well he has the waxy appearance of early stages of liver disease if you want to talk about that

  2. Sensual Seamus

    As i said before sneered him in town a few months ago, same clothes, same waxy complexion. As I’ve also said before, i think it might be judicious to ignore this poor fool.

  3. Skerries

    Happy Birthday is now in the Public Domain so he got the first one wrong

    In September 2015, a federal judge declared that the Warner/Chappell copyright claim was invalid, ruling that the copyright registration applied only to a specific piano arrangement of the song, and not to its lyrics and melody. In February 2016 Warner/Chappell settled for US $14 million and sent the song into the public domain

  4. Sonia

    Irish lads are so insecure and bitchy. It’s the reason most of us irish women don’t date yiz. Grow a pair and stop being so jealous.

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