16 thoughts on “For Whom The Bridge Tolls?

    1. dedeluded

      It’d be great if a mass boycott of the bridge could be organised to try persuade them to kill the toll off. But I couldn’t ever see people being so organised.

  1. pissedasanewt

    Hence forth, this bridge shall be forever known as the East Link toll bridge, tourists and visitors will ask for the Tom Clake bridge on their way to the ferry and will be told, there’s no bridge around here by that name… you can take the toll bridge though.. its just as quick.

  2. Cluster

    If I ever die for Ireland & help radicalise youngsters to do the same, can you please name a more exciting bridge for me please?

    1. Kieran NYC

      We’ll name the end section of Lansdowne Road Nua after you.

      It can be Cluster’s Last Stand.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I guess this means that the Tom Clarke / Dublin Airport re-naming campaign is over? Yeah I know, trying to ‘keep up’.

    1. ahjayzis

      Were they going to rename the airport?!

      I’d actually get out and march against that. It’s so ‘provincial city’ to name your airport after some bloke. Capital / global cities should have airports with their name on it.

      “George Best International Airport” = SCAAAAARLET.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          A womaniser?

          If there were no bold girls there’d be no bold boys.

      1. Martin

        yes, like those other provincial cities New York, Chiago, Boston, Paris, etc. naming their airports after some bloke…

  4. Tish Mahorey

    That bridge is legalised robbery. The toll was a terrible deal for the city.

    And the no left turn off the north quays onto the Beckett bridge was done to push traffic heading to Merrion Square direction onto the East Link.

    1. 3stella

      Should be made a issue with DC councillors in there next city wide vote begging jamboree in 2019.

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