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Ian of Grind gaming writes:

Myself and a bunch of my mates have just started a gaming channel [GRIND] on youtube and tyesterday we have posted up our first video (above). We are based in Galway and came up with the idea when we noticed that there wasn’t really any gaming channels that are Irish and contain Irish humour….

GRIND (Facebook)

5 thoughts on “Grind Job Altogether

  1. Yer Man There

    I haven’t watched it yet or anything but I can already say it’s better than Leatherette Jacket Guy.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “….wasn’t really any gaming channels that are Irish and contain Irish humour….”


    Jacjsepticeye, DaithíDeNogla, Terroriser are all in the top 20, and all Irish… there used to be more. But, it looks like the “Little Club” and their minecraft obsession is dominating the top charts with lots of channels on the same topic/game.

    More here – – this link also gives estimates of potential earnings. Just click on the channel to get more info.


    On an aside… any Leather Jacket Guy *cough* fans want to see is he making any money…. click here for monthly / annual estimates –

    1. Bobby

      Wow, think of all the fake user accounts he could buy with that kind of money…

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Thanks for that LJG link Clampers.
    -Maybe a few more people will understand what the guy is doing now.
    -Maybe they’ll understand that it doesn’t matter what they think.
    -Maybe they wont get so upset.

    -But hang on, then the comments wouldn’t be as funny anymore…

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