23 thoughts on “Velvet Dope

  1. The Real Jane

    Soz for hassles but I’m not dragging my dry cleaning any further than that.

    Soz not soz.

  2. dav

    laws, like taxes aren’t for the rich, they can park wherever they like, and probably get the fines paid back to them in a rebate scheme that their political lackeys put in place.

    1. stephen

      To be fair there are plenty of arrogant pricks who aren’t rich, its just part of our Irish nature to hate them a little more when they are rich

  3. manolo

    we really need traffic fines to be proportional to income, otherwise that’s what we get, people with money not giving a fupp.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Auwww Man!!
    That’s my spot….

    (Says the one coming up behind)

    BTW. Is that a restaurant owned by one ‘ve the main Goys

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