Holy Ship



This morning.

The 333m Splendida , the longest ship ever to visit Dublin Port, carrying over 4,600 passengers and crew on board reverses past Poolbeg Lighthouse into Dublin bay.

MSC Splendida is one of 113 cruise calls confirmed for Dublin Port this year a record number.

Save Poolbeg.

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews

9 thoughts on “Holy Ship

  1. Baz

    Save Poolbeg? Puhlease , 2 bog standard old school smoke stacks, only a fool would consider them special or unique.

  2. Cloud

    I noticed you can still see it over land from the coast road in Sandymount this morning, that’s how tall it is.

  3. Jack Ascinine

    All well and good but has anyone seen the street where all the cruise ship tourists get dropped off by the buses? They get dumped off at Kildare Street on a sidewalk that looks like it’s straight out of Aleppo. Dublin City Council couldn’t give two poops about the image of this city allowing that sidewalk, the one that goes straight up to Leinster House, to stay in such a state for such a high traffic area for tourists. They’re too busy harassing small businesses to take care of business that matters.

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