17 thoughts on “Up To Here But No Fada

  1. dylad

    I thought the fada was being phased out. Oh hang on, it’s the whole language that is being phased out.

    1. Robert

      I *think* Eire is the state, and Éireann is the actual physical island of Ireland

      1. ahjayzis

        Pretty sure that’s wrong, Eire is the name of the island and the state, Eireann is the possessive?

        Ireland = Eire
        of Ireland = Eireann

        1. Ultach

          Nearly right: Éire and Éireann.
          We’ve already had a bash at the old “country” chestnut a while back. :-)

          1. ahjayzis

            My keyboard doesn’t do accents and I’m not arsed googling, copying and pasting it to pander to lingo-pedants :op

            Irish has a hell of a lot bigger problems than a misplaced accent here and there, though. The abject failure of it’s teaching and assessment being the biggy. But no, let’s painstakingly screenshot every minor omission.

          2. Ultach

            Well, if you’re not bottomed, that’s ok. Just thought you were seeking accuracy there, having corrected Robert. Totally agree with ye on the abject failure of teaching Irish. English medium monolingual schools nearly always fupp it up.
            Like the new avatar, btw.

          3. Ultach

            Hey! I didn’t write bottomed! Nor fupped! Ahjaziz didn’t get his changed to bottomed. And what’s wrong with “furped”? Is it cos I is a lingopedant?

          4. ahjayzis


            Whether I’m bottomed, topped or anything in between is a private matter Ultach!

  2. Dean

    Other signs you have no life may include mis priced items in Tesco. Always ask your doctor.

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