25 thoughts on “Apostoholic

      1. Daddy Wilson

        I do.
        I’m not sure what your point here is?
        Is it: “Well if he has nothing to be worrying about then you clearly have less because you’ve taken the time to comment on it”? Because if so…..well I hope I don’t need to explain to you the difference in the process of taking a picture of something, sending it into broadsheet and letting it get in on you so much that it’s still upsetting you hours later and simply typing two brief sentences in a comment box.

          1. Daddy Wilson

            No, I’d grind my teeth. Anything else grinding my teeth would be very upsetting.
            I only grind my teeth in my sleep occasionally, generally if there’s anything stressful going on. Usually, I’m pretty easy going. It takes a lot more than an errant apostrophe or upstart to knock me out of cruise control.

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I came here looking for funny comment’s.
    All the joker’s must be still in their bed’s.

  2. Mike McGrath-Bryan

    BS’ resident Corkonian reporting in.

    As abhorrent as this is, there are much worse transgressions in full public view. And spare a thought for those in the countryside whose town names are misspelled in all public/road signage since (at least) boom times.

  3. Pip

    We need leadership on this one.
    An Apostrophic Nuncio, perhaps.
    PS the Embroidery section was perfect. How this?
    Maybe the originator was on a break.

  4. ForFecksSake

    -Dave does “Jackets” have an apostrophe?
    -No, no, items of clothing don’t take apostrophes
    -But “Banner’s” does?
    -That’s right, boy.

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