16 thoughts on “First Cutlery Is The Deepest

  1. Nilbert

    Quick! Somebody post about how juvenile this is, and how it would be so far beneath them to watch it…
    Quick, before everyone else thinks you’re not a sophisticated urbane wit!

  2. Lovely Bear

    I think it’s the only instrument you can learn in under 5 minutes to be fair

  3. Bob

    Haha! This is the best! Hurrah for Coaty MacBearface! He’s amazeballs! Well done Braodsheet! More of this! Everyone Clearly loves your mates videos!!!


  4. Brian S

    Funny how my comments were not being published since i started using multiple leather jacket guy themed accounts to highlight the fact that ljg used multiple accounts on his posts. Or maybe it was the post selling remarks that rubbed bodger up the wrong way

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      And I think that all the positive comments are from LJG himself as his will to live slowly drains away…

      But truth is rarely what we want it to be, huh pet? Sometimes a person’s opinion is simply that. An opinion.

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