14 thoughts on “Face/Off

  1. Anne

    Meehall to Enda, get your fupping knarly paws off me before I snap um like a twig.
    The arrogance of pointing into someone like that. He’s an arrogant little chump is our pea-brain.

    1. Djizandipus

      Aha! Nice! Cos normally it’s tweedledum and tweedledee from Alice in Wonderland but you changed to make it seem like they each have a lower mental capacity than the other with a clever play on words that we’re all familiar with thanks to a popular 90’s Jim Carrey movie. And then the cherry on top is you let us decide which one can be considered less intelligent implying that it doesn’t really matter anyway as it works for both of them. Nice. Nice and original. A nice, original, rare departure for you and normally insightful and positive comments.

  2. 1980s Man

    I’m delighted that Enda’s second term had to take 70 days to negotiate and is only a token gesture.

    A crap legacy for a sheering creep of an unpopular divisive Taoiseach.


    1. Broadsheet Spawned A Monster

      You’re a total idiot. He steadied the ship after a disastrous administration that bankrupted the country.

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