29 thoughts on “Let Us Know What You Really Think

  1. Polaroid Fluid

    yeah, we are paying to improve a service people complain about, crazy isn’t it, they should not care so people like you can find something to get outraged about.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      @Polo-mint Fluid;
      I’m not outraged, but I AM confused, as I believe Ráichéal is.
      There’s no ‘outrage’ on display here.

      I think you’re even more confused than us though calling JobBridge a ‘service’.

  2. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

    This is called ‘consulting with stakeholders’ ;)

  3. Joe Small

    Why is it better to abolish something than to make it better? Its more dramatic to abolish Jobbridge or Irish Water and its more politically attractive and looks dynamic and decisive too, but is that really the cleverest thing to do? Is it not more efficient, cheaper and cleverer to take an existing thing and make it work better?
    Unless of course your Paul Murphy and you’re whole objective is to destroy the system anyway.

    1. ahjayzis

      It really comes down to if you’re in favour of abolishing the concept of an entry level job in favour of people having to work their first year or two free of charge to the employer and whether you’re cool with paying for staffing private companies.

      Whether you think there’s an monetary value attached to a person’s labour, too, I suppose. Which used to be uncontroversial.

      1. rotide

        I work in a company that employs at least 5 people that started on jobbridge

        You fcuked off to london first chance you got and moan and gripe about a place you don’t live in.

        1. Brian

          “I work in a company that employs at least 5 people that started on jobbridge ”

          Lucky you that you worked for one of the tiny handful of companies that actually used jobbridge in the way it was sold to the rest of us schmucks. I got lumbered into a job where the owner lied about the state of his company, the number of employees, the training I would receive and the likelihood of me getting a job at the end of the scheme (he never employed a single person apart from himself, at the stage I took up the jobbridge he had been taking on unpaid interns for three years solid).

          Luckily for me I have the chops to find my own job, and the previous experience too.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Jesus, I deleted the Journal app because I was so sick of reading tripe from people like you.

  4. 15 cents

    jobbridge is a massive failure and only benefited the already wealthy. which seems to be FG’s primary objective.

    when i did a jobsbridge thingy, my employer was completely abusing it. 7 staff and none were paid. he was also ripping off suppliers too. a complete cowboy. if anyone spoke up or asked about pay, they were sent home and he’d just replace them with another jobsbridge lacky. so i finished up after a bit and tried my damndest to rat him out. but no one cared or wanted to listen. my complaints were ‘filed’ or ‘duly noted’… everyone knows the huge pitfalls of jobsbridge. including the government. but its serving FG’s favorite demographic, and theres no way they’ll dispose of it. this nonsense survey is just smoke and mirrors.

    1. DubLoony

      Submit your experience to the survey. The fact that complaints aren’t / weren’t listened to is a big problem.

        1. classter

          ‘The whole thing is a sham.. survey me hole. You can’t polish a turd.’

          So, you’d rather just complain instead?

          1. Broadsheet Spawned A Monster

            Anne is truly an insult to your intelligence Classter, don’t waste time on her. Same with Kentucky Fried Kieran though

  5. Chucky R. Law

    Is Raicheal supposed to type in that fupping URL? And they’ll be wondering why the response rate is so low.

  6. Brian

    Received the letter myself a week ago, and a follow up email from an @indecon.ie address. I Actually just completed a survey myself. It was done on survey monkey (shouldn’t the welfare have sufficient expertise to at least have the survey set up internally, rather than on a cheap as chips website, for whom they can’t ensure data protection?).

    The survey looked to me designed to maximise the positive responses to the survey and make it look like it was working very well. My experience is the polar opposite, no proper training, no mentoring, no real job, so I gave the scheme both barrels in my summation.

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