13 thoughts on “Name And Shane

  1. 15 cents

    ugh. whatever. just hurry up and post the Danny Healy-Rae thing. Ive loads of material ready to go.

  2. 1980s Man

    I knew a Ffyona once who got pissed off when people spelled her name Fiona.

    So naturally everyone made an extra effort to spell it wrong.

    1. Cheech

      I cringe enough as it is with scripted scenes of awkwardness. I’d cringe myself out of existence if I sat through these D:

  3. Junkface

    `Cringeiest show ever! The previous week with the two lesbian ladies on a date was so awful, real horror show

      1. Other Tony

        Later that evening, junk face, ahjayziz and Cheech live tweeted the show from their mammy’s houses wearing the sequinned First Dates jean- shorts they all made for themselves.

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