Broadsheet Trailer Park: Urge



What you may need to know:

A mysterious nightclub owner (Pierce Brosnan) introduces a group of friends to a new designer drug.

2. With Scientologist Wolverine Danny Masterson.

3. Justin Chatwin was Tom Cruise’s son in War of the Worlds (2005). Lizards everywhere.

4. It’s Taffin!!! Bronhom was awesome in The Matador (2005).

5. He must be long overdue a trip home. Tubridy could ask him about his Irish roots. Or D’Arcy could ask him about the death of his wife and then glaze over.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Straight to video.

Release Date:  June 3.

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3 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Urge

  1. Clampers Outside!

    When’s Pierce gonna pull another Matador out of the bag, he has it in him !

    This looks like the kinda movie one would watch just to take the piss out of it.

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