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Wednesday, May 18.

On RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Brendan O’Connor’s new series, Cutting Edge, will begin.

Alan, of Mind the Gap films, writes:

Each week, Brendan O’Connor will be joined by three regular panelists to cut into the week’s news from Ireland and around the world, in the style of a darkly comedic post mortem.

This g show will feature the big news stories, alongside the colourful nuggets that may have escaped the public’s attention.

As with all the best discussions there will be some good laughs and some fierce disagreements as the winners and losers of the week come under the penetrating gaze of the panel. This show is serious fun.

As for tickets, Alan adds:

We’re offering people the chance to witness the discussions first hand. For a chance to be part of the live audience and see the action at its closest, send us an email at Tickets are free. Audience members must be 18 or over.

Mind The Gap Films

79 thoughts on “Watch Them Cut The Edge

  1. Quint

    ‘This show is serious fun’. If you say so yourself! Wednesday night is an odd choice as many news stories will be ongoing. The panellists on the first night will be, let me guess…PJ Gallagher, Fiona Looney and Jason Byrne…I’d bet my house on it.

    1. Rugbyfan

      and anyone else left in the canteen who hasn’t been nabbed by RT for the Late Late!

  2. Tony

    Im sure Niall delamere and Colin Murphy will be there for the lols too. And Pauline McGlynn, Tara Flynn and the one and only Deirdre O Kane. What hootilarity!! As funny as polio.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Though BOC used to be an enormous d-bag (I think age and life have softened him) I think he’s actually a very funny guy. He was unbelievably sharp back in the day in the Philosoph in UCC.

    1. Broadsheet Spawned A Monster

      Some fupper is funny in Cork? That’s not much of an effort required though is it?

  4. Daddy Wilson

    Did they not do this before? Don’t Feed The Gondolas or some sh**?
    It sounds like a combination of Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week…..So basically it’s going to be a p*sspoor immitation that isn’t needed.

  5. Smith

    I had hoped from the name that it was an instructional show about how to get a BOC hairstyle in the barbers.

  6. Yep

    “International guests will include mid-level comedians from the UK and comedians from former British colonies who made their name in the UK”

    I thought this would be a show about plastic surgery…You can tell us Brendan..

  7. Clampers Outside!

    In fairness, it’d appear, I think, most on here would like this to work.

    We’ll just have to hope the producers can *cough* mind the gap between poor imitation of a UK show, and a decent Irish effort…. so that’s most definitely meaning Delamare and Looney are off the panel.

    I’d be havin’ that.

    1. Willie Banjo

      “In fairness, it’d appear, I think, most on here would like this to work”….where are you getting that from? Most on here, it would appear, couldn’t care less and have very low expectations for this programme.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        We’re all starved of a good Irish programme of this genre, I think most BS readers / commenters would be delighted if a good one did come along. Having low expectations of this offering doesn’t kill the desire for a good one, that’d be a weird way of thinking now wouldn’t it…. :)

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Went to The Panel live when it was at its peak; damn funny. Almost an hour of lols edited out for the broadcast. It made me realise that tight editing really takes the spark and originality out of TV content.

  8. missred

    Brendan O’Connor will brush away any mention of He Who Must Be Redacted, he also got very iffy and prudish at a guest on his TV show who mentioned the paper he writes for every Sunday. Both of those are out, so although there is lots of “dark” material left to slag off for the week, what good is it if you can’t discuss all media/media villains? This will be half-baked nonsense not even pretending to be edgy.

  9. Jesus Wept

    To graphics department.Using this cut & paste style title seems slightly outdated givven that print media is fast becoming yesterday’s medium for up to date information.Is that not obvious?

  10. Cloud

    Why do so many RTE shows have to have the principle’s name in front of the title? The saturday night chat shows I can understand, but it’s rampant everywhere else too.

    Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge…[*browses RTE site*]…Kevin McGahern’s Fast and Furious…Pixie’s Sex Clinic…Vogue Williams’ Wild Girls…Angela Scanlon’s Close Encounters…Maia Dunphy’s What Women Want….Bressie’s Teenage Kicks…Baz: The Lost Muslim….

    Is it me?

    1. Tony

      I know not like Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Oprah, Ellen, Graham, Johnathan, Jeremy, Judy, or any of the others use their names in their shows. Just the thick paddys. Peasants!

    2. HappyDub

      Better than Newstalk’s approach

      Breakfast with Chris & Ivan (presented by Shane Coleman & Kieran Cuddihy)
      The Pat Kenny show (presented by Bobby Kerr)
      Luchtime with Johnathon Healy (presented by Dave McIntyre)
      The Moncrief Show (the man’s a serious grafter, and always presents his show ;) )
      George Hook show (presented by that b**ch doctor that nobody likes)

      etc. etc….

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard Chris n Ivan’s show without one of them being present.
        I love Sean Moncrieff.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Shane ‘I’ll keep bringing up how old I am so you’ll be even more impressed when I display how with it and trendy I am’ Coleman.

          He’s alright though, good on politics, a bit irritating on everything else.

          1. ahjayzis

            He’s woeful on politics. He’s so conventional, like he absorbs the ‘received wisdom’ of every other political hack but then takes out anything resembling perspective or deeper trends. He’s deferential to politicians in a very old fashioned, hackneyed way. He’s about as insightful as a party press office. Conventional, conventional, conventional.

            TodayFM’s political guy is far superior, ironically.

          2. Mikeyfex

            Hmmm, maybe, which is odd because he contrives to be as unconventional as possible when talking about most other subjects. Wouldn’t say he’s woeful though, he normally has a decent barometer for what’s actually going to happen in the political world – if that’s stolen from elsewhere, I was not aware, and maybe those things are easy to predict in Ireland.

      2. Rugbyfan

        The Nick Byrne Show with Nicky and Jenny…..should just rename it the Jenny Green show, far better!

  11. nellyb

    McSavage is cutting edge. O’Connor – professionally and publicly – is so vanilla and generic that it’s even hard to remember his face. Camouflaged to invisibility.

  12. Mike McGrath-Bryan

    Not sure if want. Any hard-hitting analysis of Irish news, dressed as satire or otherwise, will have to take a look at how it’s framed, and I don’t see BOC wanting to scare anyone at [REDACTED] News Group.

  13. MoyestWithExcitement

    I saw Neil Delamere on one of those top 10/50/whatever shows on Sky 1 recently playing the comedian you never heard of who’s being asked his opinion on something that he’s qualified to talk about for no apparent reason. This is clearly a philanthropic work programme for out of work Irish tv personalities.

  14. mildred st. meadowlark

    I had a college lecturer who was friends with Jason Byrne. He’s a nice man, or so we were told. It’s his ‘comedic persona’ that’s the insufferable clown. Apparently.

  15. Frilly Keane

    I’d be good at that

    I could do what yer ‘wan who sings chandelier does

    Or get a body double

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah a bollix ya
      I only ironed that shirt on this morning

      Tay and fig rolls
      Tay and fig rolls
      ya bollix

  16. Chris

    I like this quote from Stuart Lee, it’s about Mock the Week but the sentiment seems relevant here….

    ‘I was walking along the canal in Camden and walked past that Dingwalls there and there was a load of drunk lads on the canal towpath, laughing and cheering as they watched five seagulls peck a fluffy baby duckling to death.
    And then I realised why Mock The Week is so popular.’

  17. Brendan O'

    Alison Spittle could be one of the three, the middle class lefty whitest Irish with a Twitter account like her.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Some CAn’T used the Mé Féin words.
      -It wasn’t even ironic.

      Lordy, lord…
      -You do everything to remain impersonal.
      -Then this happens.

      -On top of everything else.

      Guess who expects to be censored?
      -It’s none of them, whatever their names were. I forget.
      -It’s ME.

      But I’m so nice…
      -Everybody loves me.
      -For a start, I NEVER stop in the middl

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Excuse me, ʞɔıp ɹǝʌǝlɔ ˙ɹɯ…

        I probably shouldn’t say anything but do you not think you could STFU?
        -you’ll get both of us banned.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Sorry boss.

          -I mean ‘bossette’…
          -Y’know yerself, any chance to upset the SJW crowd shouldn’t be squandered. Go for it!
          -They love it. They ARE the Internet.

          You do it better than me.
          You wear a dress, so there’s little or less redress. distress

          -Who am I talking to.
          -I forget.

          1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            ou aren’t fooling anyone.
            do you do dis
            (several question marks)

            Know baddy nose what it can be if you can always be like the way that anybody could never even go to to that and could never be in that position.
            One of us is wrong, and it’s probably all of you…not me. (I’m not good at counting.)

            I would just like to say that I know ‘Anne’.
            -She isn’t a man.

            If I could think of something nicer to say about her I would’ve done it ages ago.
            -She’s NOT a man. I checked.

          2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            Wait a minute…I get it now…

            Redress / Red dress.
            It’s incredibly tenuous. It’s almost a joke in itself because it’s so tenuous obtuse. It’s not a good joke to use on this site is all I’m saying.
            It’ll be deleted before anyone sees it, if you’re lucky.
            It will never be appreciated.
            -Everybody hates you.

  18. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Everybody loves me.

    And if they don’t, that’s okay.
    -That’s even funnier!

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq's Mother.

      Excuse me BS.

      I am sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq’s Mother.
      He’s refusing to get out from under his duvet because he said you deleted some of the nonsense he posted.
      He says you make him look like an eejit now, and all the context is lost.
      Don’t pay any attention to him.

      To be honest, I’d prefer if he didn’t play with you lot.
      You bring out the worst in him.

      I thought he was going to settle down that Catherine McAfee.
      She’s a very nice girl.

  19. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I realise this might seem ‘off-topic’ to some of you, but bear with me, please…it isn’t.

    If anybody wants any tips on how to get your funniest comments deleted, ask me.
    -I’m an expert at it.

    The tips are free.
    The follow-up mediation and psychiatric help is €200 / hour for boys, free for girls.

    Call me or don’t call me. It doesn’t really matress.

  20. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Hey, sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq , there’s someone out there who didn’t get that joke.

    Anyone can see.
    Nothing really matress to me.

  21. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    There’s two ‘T’s in STFU too.
    -You can’t troll like I do. Stay out of it.

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