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This morning.

Blackrock, County Dublin.


Tomorrow Saturday, at 1.30pm.

At the IFI in Dublin’s Temple Bar.

As part of the IFI’s Documentary Festival’s Irish Shorts Programme

Mother and Baby, about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and survivor Peter Mulryan (above), by Mia Mullarkey will be screened.

In addition, The Reek, by Jamie Goldrick; Johnny  by Hugh Rogers; For When I Die by Paul Power; Inhale by Sean Mullan; The Last Miner by Luke Brabazon; Pigeons of Discontent by Paddy Cahill; and Hey Ronnie Reagan by Maurice O’Brien will be screened during the 84-minute slot.

We have two tickets for this screening to the first Broadsheet reader to correctly answer this question.

Which religious order ran the Tuam Mother and Baby home?

IFI Documentary festival

People reportedly queuing for Electric Picnic tickets in Portlaoise this morning

This morning.

Tickets for next year’s Electric Picnic went on sale at 9am.

And in Portlaoise, Co Laois, some people queued since 4.30am.

Lynda Kiernan, of the Leinster Express, reports:

A massive queue has formed in Portlaoise this morning Friday September 9 of people hoping to snap up Electric Picnic 2019 tickets.

Watch our video of the entire queue to see where it starts from, and it was still growing at 9.30am.

WATCH: The queue is HUGE for Electric Picnic 2019 tickets in Portlaoise (Leinster Express)


 Fianna Fáil TD Anne Rabbitte is giving away tickets to see the Pope for Facebook ‘likes’

Yesterday evening.

Fianna Fáil TD Anne Rabbitte posted a competition for tickets to see Pope Francis on her Facebook page.

Seamus writes:

Three things: Firstly, the tickets aren’t transferable. I checked, it’s in the terms and conditions. They probably won’t check, but all tickets have the name of the person who ordered them, and if you’re not that person or with that person you might not be allowed in.

Secondly, I’m not religious and I have mixed respect for the trappings of religiosity, but running a like and share competition for pope tickets seems more than a little disrespectful, even ignoring that ‘like & share’ competitions are the work of the devil, a person the pope is against.

The Pope’s the corner forward on the Against Satan team, ready to don the number 10 jersey if Jesus breaks an ankle or starts bleeding vinegar from his side.

You’re doing Satan’s work here, deputy – you should hang your head in shame and wear the customary sackcloth as a penance.

Thirdly, there were a lot of complaints from people objecting to people block-booking tickets with no intention to use them. Well, here’s a Fianna Fail TD who decided that booking a few extra tickets to drive people to her Facebook page was a reasonable thing to do.

This sort of “give me something and I might give you something in return” horsepoo is part of the reason Martin Luther started the Reformation. It’s also part of the reason why he was right.


Anne Rabbitte (Facebook)



Electric Picnic

Pat Hickey

Yesterday’s Irish Mail on Sunday

Today’s Irish Independent

Readers may recall the arrest of the former president of the Olympic Council of Ireland Pat Hickey during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 17 last year.

He was subsequently charged in connection with an alleged ticket touting scheme and spent 12 nights in Bangu prison. Following that, he spent several months in Brazil before he was able to return to Ireland in December.

He now awaits a court date in Brazil.

About a week after Mr Hickey’s arrest, the Government appointed retired judge Mr Justice Carroll Moran to conduct an inquiry into the Olympics ticketing controversy.

It’s being reported that the results of this inquiry will be published within  matter of days.

Further to this…

At the weekend, John Drennan and Valerie Shanley, in the Irish Mail on Sunday, reported:

Transport Minister Shane Ross has warned colleagues to ‘brace themselves’ for the ‘explosive’ report into the Rio ticketing scandal which is expected to be published in the coming days.”

“…The Rio report is being treated with such sensitivity that the Cabinet has still not seen its contents. A spokesman for the Department of Sport refused to comment on the specific day it will be published.

“…one senior source, close to the Cabinet, told the Mail on Sunday: ‘Ross was utterly jittery. He informed the Cabinet that the report’s contents would be explosive. He warned it would be a case of “brace yourselves”.’


Further to this…

And Mr Hickey telling Paul Williams in an exclusive interview with Newstalk that he “will be proven innocent” in June…

In today’s Irish Independent…

Kevin Doyle reports on Judge Carroll Moran’s inquiry:

The judge concludes that their [Pat Hickey, the International Olympic Committee and the Rio Organising Committee] failure to take part [in the inquiry] have weakened his ability to prescribe a definitive explanation for the drama.

Instead, he has produced a narrative that branches into criticism of Mr Hickey’s governance of the OCI and an annual honorarium of €60,000.

The judge suggests Mr Hickey ran the OCI as his own little fiefdom, personally using his role as president to oversee arrangements with companies like THG and PRO10 who were at the centre of the ticketing scandal.

The inquiry also had access to the OCI’s financial accounts but failed to find any significant irregularities. There was no evidence to suggest a ‘money trail’ linked to a ticket touting ring.

In effect, the report hammers Mr Hickey reputation but doesn’t find a smoking gun.

The judge has not uncovered any evidence of the criminality that is alleged by the Brazilian authorities.

Revealed: Olympics Chief Pat Hickey is cleared of criminal activity (Irish Independent)

Previously: “I Will Be Proven Innocent”

Spotted on Done Deal yesterday.

KT Swooner tweetz:

A modern koan: If you pay €1,100 for this jerk’s single ticket upstairs @lcdsoundsystem do you have to sit beside him? #lcdsoundsystem

The ad is no longer on Done Deal.


Alan Nolan writes:

Defiant raffle tickets at Arclight Drama Studios Macbeth table Quiz in The Club Dalkey. Proceeds to send teen drama group to Shakespeare in the Park festival in Stratford upon Avon in August.

Arclight Drama Studios

Glass Dublin writes:

Hey Irish Rail “Do you want your receipt?” option or old school bin close by would avoid this mess at every DART station


In fairness.


All Blacks perform the haka before their defeat against Ireland in Chicago earlier this month

Sinéad writes:

My lovely father is giving up his two tickets for this Saturday’s Ireland V New Zealand match, as he’s aware of the demand and sees the opportunity to raise some money for my Mum’s chosen charity – the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

So – I’ve two great tickets on offer. East Stand, Premium Level on the 22.

The latest bid is €500 total – but the more we can raise for the DRCC the better! If someone out there would like to make a better offer, drop a line to sineadryanpr@gmail.com. Bidding closes 4pm Thursday.