Grand Day For It




From David Tully, the Brayhead basketball hoop guy.

A video comprising elephant love making, sky diving and an existential Golden Lab.

David writes:

Woke up to this bland (irish) day – two weeks ago  in Easkey, Sligo. Anyways liked the tree, the wind. Thought the branch’s at the top  looked like horse’s heads.  So wiped this up yesterday. Adding daft, slightly surreal elements. After Effects & Mocha, then scoured youtube looking for things to chop up. There’s a whole world of “animals mating. That dog – i shot on Bray waterfront – where i lived.  liked its bored expression – just waiting – looking slightly morose

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3 thoughts on “Grand Day For It

  1. David O'Reilly

    This is classic Irish Art.
    Want to see more from this dude.
    Have seen some of his installations in the past and they are always interesting.

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