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When circuses were circuses.

Name those jammers, anyone?

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Kaziranga Forest Trail, Dublin Zoo

Siobhan Grogan writes:

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a female Asian elephant calf. Proud mum Bernhardine (Dina) who is the herd’s matriarch, gave birth to the healthy calf on Monday night after a 22-month gestation period. The calf is estimated to be 1 metre tall and weighs approx. 80kg. The new arrival is Dina’s third calf and the fifth elephant calf born at Dublin Zoo in less than three years.


Dublin Zoo

Pics: Patrick Bolger




From David Tully, the Brayhead basketball hoop guy.

A video comprising elephant love making, sky diving and an existential Golden Lab.

David writes:

Woke up to this bland (irish) day – two weeks ago  in Easkey, Sligo. Anyways liked the tree, the wind. Thought the branch’s at the top  looked like horse’s heads.  So wiped this up yesterday. Adding daft, slightly surreal elements. After Effects & Mocha, then scoured youtube looking for things to chop up. There’s a whole world of “animals mating. That dog – i shot on Bray waterfront – where i lived.  liked its bored expression – just waiting – looking slightly morose


At The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin This morning.

Elephant related?


Thanks Love Temple Bar




Dublin Zoo writes:

“The activity is part of the “Month of the Elephant” calendar of events organised this October by Dublin City Council, the Natural Confectionery Company, sponsor of the Kaziranga Forest Trail and Dublin Zoo to celebrate the arrival of three Asian elephant calves at Dublin Zoo. This weekend Dublin Zoo is a hosting a family fun “Elephant Trail” and “Elephant Extravaganza” in Dublin City Centre (link below)….”

Dublin Zoo


Pictures by Random Irish Photos today of the second Asian elephant calf born at Dublin Zoo this year.

The healthy unnamed male calf was born to mother Anak at 6.24am on Tuesday weighing in at 70kg.

He will join the rest of the herd – Bernhardine, Asha, Yasmin and her new calf which was born last month, mum Anak and Dad Upali in the Kaziranga Forest Trail at Dublin Zoo which is sponsored by The Natural Confectionery Company.

Random Irish Photos