Have Boots, Will Travel


Lace them up.

Ahead of this weekend’s F.A.I Junior Cup final at Lansdowne Road Nua between Dublin’s Sheriff YC and Limerick’s Pike Rovers.

Irish illustrator Kieran Carroll writes:

The images of each is a play on the team names of both finalists. The Sheriff Y.C. idea was an obvious one as I chose a Sheriff to represent the Dublin club. For Pike Rovers I chose a soldier armed with a pike, better known as a pikeman.

The intent here was to depict these old fashioned characters in a modern day battle between the Sheriffs of Dublin and the incoming Pikemen from Limerick…


F.A.I Junior Cup

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28 thoughts on “Have Boots, Will Travel

    1. eoghan

      I’m pretty sure a sheriff would be more likely to carry a gun than a lasso.

      Not to mention that there is a hero-figure smoking on the cover of a youth cup final…controversial.

        1. jonjo

          A big difference. It refers to the level they play at.
          They are amateur, junior level is lower than intermediate level. Next step above that is “professional” or “league of Ireland” as it may be better described.
          All adults though.

      1. Richiemm

        Sheriff and a gun? wouldn’t have been the smartest of moves considering the news lately.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Come on Pike!

      They play away in blue alright but Pike Rovers are very much a green and white hoops team too so this is a little biased :)

  1. Sido

    Pikemen were not armed with guns but armed with pointed sticks and whatever private side arms they could get their hands on, usually tools axe, hammer, maybe captured swords.
    They were used to break up a cavalry charge by by pushing these sticks into ground in formation.

    Interesting fact: The English term of abuse for members of the Irish Travelling commmunity – “Pikey”
    Probably originally referred to these type of soldiers, who were considered, by other members of the British armed forces, as the lowest of the low.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Oh stop nitpicking

    They’re great posters
    Hope the teams get the support reaching the Final deserves

    Good luck to both sides

    1. H

      I agree they are great posters but using a musket to represent a pike is a pretty basic mistake and shows a lack of research on the artists behalf which I feel lets down the integrity of the work.

    2. Sido

      Well I’m glad I only mentioned the musket. And not the shorts, with the “No. 10” emblazoned on them. Which were, btw, never standard “pikemen” kit.

  3. ISmellARat

    A “pikeman” in a British Infantry uniform of the late 1700’s loading a musket, and a Sheriff with a lasso? History was obviously not this guys strongest subject.

    1. Sido

      British colonial rifle men, wouldn’t be seen dead in shorts with a No 10 on them! This is more in line something an American musketeer would wear. Except with shoulder pads – of course.

  4. ISmellARat

    Actually, this is really annoying me. It’s like a British designer doing a poster for “Fusilers United” and using an image of a Luftwaffe pilot. The club involved should be insisting it’s changed.

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      Grow up FFS

      These are excellent posters – congratulations to all those involved and good luck in the match itself.

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