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From the VenturePulse survey

Silicon Republic reports:

Tech firms in Ireland raised €237m in venture capital funding in the first quarter, almost double that of last year, according to the latest VenturePulse figures from the Irish Venture Capital Association.

The amount of funding raised in the first quarter was nearly double the €119.8m raised in the first quarter of 2015, according to the VenturePulse survey published in association with William Fry.

“About half the funds came through international syndicates which shows an encouraging and continuing strong global appetite for the Irish tech sector,” said Brian Caulfield, chairman, IVCA.

Caulfield said that the growth continues the strong trajectory of funding growth in Irish tech SMEs, which grew overall last year by 30pc to €522m.

Venture capital investment in Irish tech firms doubled to €237m in Q1 (Silicon Republic)

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  1. Kieran NYC

    I can’t wait to find out how this is somehow wrong and evil.

    Do we have to wait until Mercille Monday or will Rory dash something off by tomorrow?

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