25 thoughts on “Canal Retentive

  1. BlackRock Ronán

    Free blankets on the ground for the ample-bottomed. The good old bad old days are back.

  2. Jimmee

    Free green / drinking in the sun space will be scarce this afternoon, especially after work.

    1. Cynic

      Not to worry. At exactly 5pm you can go for a Bulmers on ice at the Schoolhouse with all the other people who are exactly the same as you, using your shades to disguise your eye movements as you check out the office ladies in their pencil skirts.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Except for the dogs in flats, obv. Just the sexy ladies with heels.

      2. Sullery

        Not a hope man, I have to close off the Henderson account before COB so it’ll be midnight before I hit Dicey’s.

    1. D2dweller

      To be fair we’re subsidising the whole country in this one postcode.

      Anyway you lot would only be munching hang sangwiches & listening to Nathan Carter.

  3. realPolithicks

    I’m going to be in Dublin around the middle of June, can I expect the same kind of weather?

  4. Mulder

    Any soggy cheese sandwiches.
    Or the lettce and squashed tomato sandwiches on the stale dunnes stores pale, loaf.
    Ahh, summer in Dublin.

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