9 thoughts on “Marketing Win

  1. Frank Harris

    Business as usual. I know a real estate agent who sells hillside cottages in Leitrim. Some are in an advanced state of dilapidation, but blow-in hippies might be paid to restore them. No Trumpery and no fracking in Leitrim.

  2. Jimmy Russell

    trump is literally hitler someone needs to stop trump before he kills millions of people he needs to be stopped at all cost

    1. dav

      that’s up there with a jamie redknapp “he’s LITERALLY” on fire right now” comment.
      No jamie, he’s not literally on fire, and jimmy he’s not literally hitler. he’s just an angry bigot

  3. Sido

    Mmmm.. Didn’t Ray Darcy say he was leaving the country if Enda ever became taoiseach.?

    1. Scooperman

      It is of paramount importance he be reminded of this. (Just in case he’s forgotten)

  4. eric cartman

    Great, Ill have lots of cheap property to choose from for my stint in america under the glorious reign of trump. I bet he’ll get a second term too.

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