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  1. some old queen

    IT : Kelly’s hopes fade as TD’s rally to Howlin.
    Not a huge fan of Howlin but anything has to be better than Kelly. Even Labour realise he would wreck the party.

    IT: McGrath’s views on smoking.
    Not sure what the problem is here. Germany does indeed allow indoor smoking and the figures on cigarette smuggling are likely to way higher than official stats suggest. Every other person seems to be smoking a foreign brand now a days.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Wait, there is a growing blackmarket in illegal smokes? Well screw peoples health, let there be indoor smoking! More money for all, especially tobacco companies and surgeons who have to deal with the fallout

      1. some old queen

        The UK and Ireland have the highest tax on cigarettes anywhere in the world so it is no wonder the black market is growing. But the problem doesn’t end there. A lot of them are counterfeit which means little or no control over what is in them and that is doing a lot more harm than regulated.

        Following the trail of the smoking ban is interesting. Starts in NYC, then Ireland Britain and into Mainland Europe while being watered down at each step. By the time it got to the Bavarian region of Germany, they said no.The fact here is that the Nazi’s were the first anti smokers probably influenced that decision.

        1. classter

          Your timeline is a little bit off

          US state, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, then UK (Guernsey, Scotland, NI & England+W in turn), France, Germany (11/16), Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus

          It hasn’t made its way to parts of mainland Europe at all & other parts are equally as strict as ourselves.

  2. classter

    Nice to see Heneghan Peng’s Palestinian Museum due to open.

    Shame it will be empty due to a dispute between the museum board & its Director.

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