‘I Have Never Regarded Sgt McCabe As Malicious’


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Garda Commission Nóirín O’Sullivan

As previously stated, An Garda Síochána has fully accepted the findings and recommendations of the O’Higgins Commission. We will examine what lessons can be learnt and ensure the issues arising are fully addressed.

Our immediate concern, arising out of the O’Higgins Commission, must be with victims who believe – with justification, they were not dealt with properly by An Garda Síochána.

We are sorry the victims did not get the service they were entitled to, and we will seek to work with them.

A key element of our modernisation and renewal programme is ensuring victims are at the
heart of the Garda Service and they get the service they are entitled to.

In order to ensure a victim centred approach our first steps have been the setting-up of 28 Victim Service Offices throughout the country to keep victims up-to-date on the progress of their case through the justice system and the establishment of the National Protective Services Bureau, which among its work provides support for vulnerable victims.

These measures will help ensure we meet our obligations under the EU Victim Rights Directive.

We are learning from our past mistakes and following a number of reports in recent years, improvements in relation to how An Garda Síochána conducts investigations, manages incidents, trains its personnel, and liaises with victims of crime have been introduced or are in the process of being introduced as part of An Garda Síochána’s modernisation and renewal programme.

Every day, the men and women of An Garda Síochána do great work to protect and support
communities. In doing this, they consistently show great depth of character, resolve and commitment.

The initiatives we are undertaking as part of our modernisation and renewal programme are designed to ensure they have the necessary supports to provide the very best service to the communities we serve.

I have been asked to clarify certain matters in relation to the proceedings before the
O’Higgins Commission.

I am legally precluded from so doing under section 11 of the Commissions of Investigation Act 2004, which provides that it is a criminal offence to disclose or publish any evidence given or the contents of any document produced by a witness.

The witnesses who gave evidence before the Commission did so on the expectation that
their evidence, except as may be included in the final report, would remain private

Accordingly, I have been advised that I cannot discuss the details of any proceedings before the O’Higgins Commission.

I have consistently and without exception, within An Garda Síochána and in public, stated clearly that dissent is not disloyalty, that we must listen to our people at every level with respect and with trust, and that we stand to gain, rather than lose, when members bring to our attention practices they believe to be unacceptable.

Like every member of An Garda Síochána, Sergeant Maurice McCabe’s contribution is
valued and the service has changed for the better in response to the issues about which he complained.

I want to make it clear that I do not – and have never, regarded Sergeant McCabe as malicious.

Any member of An Garda Síochána who raises issues will be fully supported.

Each and every one of them must know they have the right and responsibility to raise their concerns and be confident that they will be listened to and addressed.

They won’t always be right and we in management won’t always be right either. But we are on a journey towards a markedly better policing service and we will learn from
every mistake we make.

A statement from Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan released tonight.

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15 thoughts on “‘I Have Never Regarded Sgt McCabe As Malicious’

  1. 2 back n' sides

    “We will examine what lessons can be learnt and ensure the issues arising are fully addressed.”

    Oh ok then, carry on.

  2. ForFecksSake

    She doesn’t bother to explain why her legal representatives claimed he was being malicious though and she doesn’t apologise for it so there’s no real credibility.

  3. Captain freegear

    My name is Noireen and I have writers block which stops me from going into any details about anything, for that I’m really really sorry like

  4. Twunt

    The new leader is just like the old leader, but with a better press secretary.

    Like an member of AGS will come forward as a whistleblower after this.

  5. Cowenwatch

    Martin Callinan refered to McCabe and Wilson as disgusting while Noreen sat beside him feeding him his answers yet she is his replacement. This country!

  6. Anne

    Re – ‘which provides that it is a criminal offence to disclose or publish any evidence’


    “Following that (that, being McCabe’s recordings of the meetings) no evidence to show malice was called from the two officers who were at the meeting.

    Shur the evidence wasn’t called.. therefore she’s not precluded from clarifying the allegation that was initially made.

    More lies.

    What are the consequences for this?
    Are GSOC going to independently interview these two officers to see at what level these lies were requested?
    Written notes from meetings were provided.. written bare-faced complete fabrications.
    What’s going to be done about it?

    From the examiner piece –
    ‘The documents show that, at the commission, Mr O’Higgins asked the commissioner’s lawyer whether “you are attacking his [McCabe’s] motivation and attacking his character”.

    The reply from Colm Smyth, SC, was: “Right the way through.”
    He told the judge that he was acting on instructions.

    Acting on instructions from Noirin O’Sullivan.
    It’s not good enough to say that she can’t comment on it.
    More arrogance.

    An Gardai Siochana continually prove themselves to be not fit for purpose.

  7. Anne

    It’s really wonderful isn’t it that she wants to make it clear that she never regarded Sergeant McCabe as malicious. He must be delighted she feels that way about him..

    And what if he never recorded the meetings he had?

    The issue isn’t how she regards him. The issue is why her counsel put forward lies – notes from meetings from two officers claiming McCabe was motivated by personal malice for senior officers, when that was proven to be completely fabricated.

    At best, it’s a contradiction about allegations made in the inquiry and what she’s now claiming.. at best.

    Fupping p*ssing on our legs and telling us it’s raining.. Never regarded him as malicious me hoop.. Pity we can’t say the same about the corrupt little cabal that is our police force

    1. Rowsdower

      Its pretty obvious spin from O’Sullivan, just one step above her telling us that she doesn’t care what people say about McCabe, hes not a rapist.

  8. Anne

    Another matter that needs answering.. Why weren’t the false allegations about McCabe being motivated by malice included in O’Higgin’s report ‘a bit of something for everyone’?

    Noirin sez –
    “The witnesses who gave evidence before the Commission did so on the expectation that
    their evidence, except as may be included in the final report, would remain private.”

    That’s very convenient it was never included then wasn’t it? Let’s all just forget about complete fabrications at the highest level of our police force..

    Can’t comment now.. tis not in the report.. phew.. they lucked out there didn’t they.

  9. Paddy

    ““The witnesses who gave evidence before the Commission did so on the expectation that
    their evidence, except as may be included in the final report, would remain private”
    The expectation was that they could lie to the commission, that McCabe wouldn’t have any back-up to discount their ‘evidence’, and walk away with McCabes honour in tatters. Good days work. It’s just a pity that McCabe didn’t hold onto the recordings, let the commission do its work, let the liars lie, let O’Sullivan have her ‘malicious’ say, and then hang the lot of them out to dry.
    We already have Fitzgerald on the ‘I have confidence’ line. DeJa Vú

  10. Eoin

    Is there some sort of plan afoot to destroy every single decent institution in this country by either appointing people who destroy it from within or just blatantly assaulting it from without?

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