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Journalist William Campbell (above) interviews Jim O’Callaghan (top) in the latest episode of William’s enjoyable, spin-free Here’s How current affairs podcast.

Mr O Callaghan, a barrister and new Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Bay South was at the heart of the negotiations between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that led to the minority government.

From the podcast:

William: “Why didn’t you go into coalition with Fine Gael?”

Jim: “Because we gave a commitment that we wouldn’t go into government with Fine Gael.”

William: “That’s a circular argument, why did you give that commitment?”

Jim: “Because we didn’t want to go into government with Fine Gael.”


Listen here:


5 thoughts on “Listen To Jim

  1. Clampers Outside!

    I love this whole ‘we gave a commitment lark’ and ‘we must stick to our manifesto’ bull crap.

    When in govt none of them give a monkey’s dry knuckle shuffle about ‘commitments’ or ‘manifestos’ which just get thrown out the window once in power.

    Question for Jim… why is this so?
    If I may, I believe the answer is…. “because we’re full of bullpoo”

  2. Eoin

    Ha! Classic. How does ANYONE, who wants to be a part of humanity moving forward, justify voting for FF or FG in this country. Seriously. You must be mentally ill, dumber than a bag of hammers or just plain rotten (or all three) if that kind of spin and double talk appeals to you.

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