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From top: Doughmore beach in Co. Clare and Donald Trump

In April, the proposed wall on the coastline of Donald Trump’s Doonbeg golf resort in Co. Clare was refused designation as a ”strategic infrastructure development‘.

An Bord Pleanála ruled that the wall wouldn’t be of strategic economic or social importance to the State or the region.

Now the US Presidential hopeful must apply for planning permission like any normal person.

Which he has done.

A Facebook group called Save Doughmore – Doonbeg Beach write:

It’s with great disappointment and concern that we have to inform you that Mr Trump has applied to Clare County Council to build a 5m high 20m wide 200,000 tonnes wall on the state land of Doughmore Beach.

The window for objections to this shortsighted destruction of an Irish beach is now open but will close Monday, June 13, 2016. We strongly urge you to file a submission/objection. More individual and varied objections will have a greater impact.

All submissions/observations must be made in writing to the Planning Section, Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis and must include the following:

– the name of the person or body making the submission/objection
– the planning reference number of the application concerned (16371)
– the address to which any correspondence relating to the application may be sent (your address)
– a fee of €20 which can be payable by cheque or cash (we understand that this is your hard earned money, but €20 will be long forgotten in hundred years, the wall won’t be)

It is more effective if many and varied objections are made. So us providing you with a template is not the best. You will need to write a letter detailing why you feel it is inappropriate to grant permission for 200,000 tonnes of rock to be dumped onto a public beach.

… Simply objecting to something out of principal is not usually sufficient to affect action. It is therefore important to provide as much evidence as possible to back up your argument. Be formal and polite. Writing an angry and emotional letter will work against you, particularly in legal matters, where all that is important are facts.

… Please please take the time and effort to try to stop this environmental crime. It will be the future generations that judge us, please act now.

Save Doughmore – Doonbeg Beach (Facebook)

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25 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Clare

  1. Joan Burton

    Save Doughmore !

    Great beach with some super surfing, cant be long before they try to stop the surfers right of way across the course AGAIN !

    1. Mikeyfex

      Great spot. When it’s 1 or 2 foot in Lahinch you’ll get 3 or 4 foot there, as a rule.

      Had a Yosemite Bear moment of my own there one evening when I was out sitting on the water. A little rainbow appeared over the nose of my board in the spray that these massive, unexpected drops of straight-down rain were generating around me. Even when I held out my hands in front it appeared to go from palm to palm. Beautiful evening, couldn’t ask for better. For that reason alone I’d be sad to see it closed off again.

      1. Caroline

        “If hippy Mikeyfex had his way, there’d be zero development in this country. None. Just shut it all down, go play in the surf with the rainbows. He’s a loser, he’s finished, really. I’m someone who gets things done, I create jobs – the best jobs, by the way, really great jobs. I’m done having this beautiful country held to ransom by hippies like Mikeyfex. So you know, that’s the difference between him and me.”

  2. Tish Mahorey

    A modern mock Tudor olde worlde fake resort built for people with money but no class and probably think they’re staying in a genuine five hundred year old castle.

    Most of the staff who work there are not local or long term employees and the local economy gets little if any benefit from the business model of Doonbeg.

    If it shut down, few would care.

  3. Condescending nana

    ‘murica, is great, keep on sucking its teats, this is the reward you get for it.

  4. Starina

    is he afraid Mexicans are going to come up on the beach or something?!

    Would be useful if there were a form letter we could use.

    1. The Old Boy

      When considering objections, authorities will often note where a number of letters have been received in a “standard form”. It doesn’t necessarily carry less weight, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. Sido

    Well done Broadsheet. It’s nice to see at least one section of the media has their eyes on this Trump character..

  6. rotide

    Does everyone concerned with this think that Donald Trump himself knows anything about this wall?

    You’d swear he was on the phone to clare CC from the campaign trail from the way this is written.

  7. Tara

    Also your submission must be based on planning issues….opinion based submissions are deemed not applicable!

  8. Eoin

    Yeah, it’s gonna be way harder to say ‘No’ to The Donald once he’s in the Whitehouse. My God. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a crappier, less convincing version of The Matrix.

  9. NorthbutSouth

    Okay Trump is a gobshite but forget that’s it’s him: if there is coastal erosion then surely the business is entitled to seek protection?

  10. Mulder

    Donald, is saying, or rather shouting, if he does not get to land his helicopter in clare, then he is going to nuke it.
    Thats if he can find it on a map of the world.
    Clue, it be in Europe, close to Russia.
    The ehh, next president of the states.

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