27 thoughts on “Fweedom

  1. Anomanomanom

    Haha iv just walked out of the hemp museum and this is the first post i see. It’s s sign.

  2. Harry Molloy

    Are the 20,000 jobs based on tourism?
    I’m out against legalization but I don’t think we need that kind of tourism.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Seriously tourism! Stop talking. The industry it’s self creates loads of jobs. You can already get, with a lot of hassle, medication with cbd in Ireland so why not just legalise and be done with it.

    2. realPolithicks

      And yet the face of Irish tourism abroad is an alcohol product called Guinness. Whats the difference?

        1. Yep

          Well, I would hazard a guess, close to those numbers would come with legalization. If you are for it then you are for the boost to tourism.

    3. Brother Barnabas

      The thing is, Harry – way more than 20,000 descend on Temple Bar every year with the express intention to get off their fupping breasticles on booze – and a lot of that ends with widdling, puking and fighting on the streets. Personally I’d prefer 20,000 weedheads to that.

  3. rotide

    from the twitter:
    “All we need are volunteers and someone with deep pockets to fund our campaign to persuade the Gov to legalise weed”

    So you got ripped and came up with a rad idea and now you need people to provide the money and people to provide the work.

    Holy cliches batman.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      So, you see, I’ll get posters and then…… hehheheheheheheheheh….

      Yeah, that’s a great idea ‘posters’ hehheheheheheheheh.

      **Excerpts from the strategy table in the documentary to come!

    2. Yep

      Watch the numbers grow. Usually just takes a few blitzed heads to make the decision and then they’re ALL going to the garage.

      Now that there is far more positive information on legalization, and it is becoming less and less “taboo”, this run may have more legs.

  4. Mulder

    Well suppsoe it be friday, another luas strike, irish water, the governemnt, the bleeding weather.
    Though for folk down way down the country so far in fact that be near in another time zone, namely the glorious 1950s, yeah, who could not understand, how or why or for what reason good folk would smoke weeds.
    Shrr them weeds, would do ye harm, how could ye smoke weeds.
    The world has changed.

  5. moel

    ‘fwee’? as in ‘free’ except pronounced like a baby? oh I bet you’re great craic altogether

  6. Mulder

    Craic, now is that another name for illegal substances.
    As per the 1950s.
    Is there not a custom, that in some places, something is not deemed illegal until, the priest and Seargeant and Doctor have tried it first to see if they deem it legal or illegal.
    So guess it has passed that test, many times.
    Happy days.
    Happy clappy days again.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    You know what’s really gonna be the come down of the coming weed revolution….. boring posters :(

    Other than that, arra’ sure it’ll be grand wha!
    That thing will be grand.
    What thing?

  8. mauriac

    cannabis is so much healthier than alcohol it’s insane that it’s still illegal .pity it’s taken the Yanks to move on this before we can contemplate it.maybe this weird undying neoliberal finegael junta are the ones make the leap towards drug common sense.

  9. Fully Keen

    Ireland will never legalize drugs.

    Move on.

    Let try moving into the 20th century first.

  10. JimmyTheHead

    Christian Ireland is still a bit too scared to openly allow the use of an untaxed drug such as cannabis, sher what would the neighbours/parish priest think? Far better off giving it to the criminal underworld to profit millions off every year…

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