11 thoughts on “But Hey, Who’s Counting?

  1. Job Bob

    One is a guide price, the other is an AMV (Advised Minimum Value), as it’s going to auction. If you had clicked the link for the houses you might have noticed.

      1. Job Bob

        Not really, I just actually read the posts for both houses! The auction value will probably rise to the estimate for the other house (if not exceed it!). Not excusing the ridiculous prices, just stating that auction houses will always have a lower price as they increase dramatically once at auction.

        1. Neil OD

          The AMV edit was added after I posted this…

          Either way it’s hilarious that there’s next to no regulation of bidding process/auctioneer practice in this country.

  2. Lordblessusandsaveus

    End of terrace? Does it include that sliver of nonsense beside it?

    It needs another 150K to put it right and parking in that laneway is impossible for parking and will be a piss station at the weekends. Small overlooked yard at the back.

    500K? No way.

  3. Turgenev

    Was it not our President, Michael D Higgins, who said that homes are not commodities, and should not be treated as such?

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