That blummin’ ad.


Bog Boy writes:

I got fed up with Bord na Móna’s smarmy ‘Naturally Driven’ advertising blitz and wondered instead what it would be like if Ireland’s most environmentally destructive company could be a little more honest about its business of burning bogs and destroying ecosystems, rather than pretending to care about ‘the environment’?

This short parody video, voiced over by an angelic 11-year old, suggests they might change their slogan from ‘Naturally Driven’ to a more truthful: ‘Profit Driven….


4 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. Joe Cavanagh

    Nice to see this rebuttal to the recent BnM ads. It did irk me that they and their advertising agency signed off on using ‘naturally driven’ tag despite their less than stellar environmental reputation in Ireland, meaning that they believe (and may be correct) that the general public will digest the print and tv ads without raising an eyebrow.

  2. St. John Smythe

    awful satire

    this is the video version of repeating the last sentence someone just said, but adding “…NOT” at the end

  3. Joe

    Why is no one protesting the lack of consistency between turf cutting rules for Bord Na Mona and small local turf cutters. Same rules should apply.

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