Dare To Bream



This evening.

Glasnevin, Dublin 11

Old school fast food fans await to celebrate National Fish ‘N’ Chip Day organised by the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association.

Over 200 chippers will offer half price fish and chips TONIGHT.

Nice ray for it, in fairness.

Via Grainne O’Hagan



This evening.

The Embassy Grill, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Niall N writes:

It’s quiet now (5.38pm) but see it in an hour, it wiNOMNOMNOMNOM

27 thoughts on “Dare To Bream

  1. Phelem O'Doherty-Mooney

    D4 people don’t do fish and chips!

    I call a chipper dinner in my house “a whuuuurking class dinner”. The kids love it when I bring home a lower socio-economically nutritious meal. Guzzle it down with fizzy drinks they do.

  2. The People's Hero

    In line at Romayo’s Maynooth. Out the door it is…

    That said, the cod and chips in Sweet Miss Sue in Dublin city is like no other fish and chips in Ireland. It’s that good.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Super Miss Sue? I’ve become less fond of that place considering there’s a HORRENDOUS bang of manky chip fat in the carpark next door.

  3. Garthicus

    I’m in the pub next to Mario’s in Skerries, I phoned in my order, I’ll finish this pint and saunter in now and pick it up. #professional

    1. The People's Hero

      Curry sauce pushed mine to just over a tenner. Chips were very good but the fresh cod was not the best. Pity.

      1. Garthicus

        Yeah, I went nuts and got curry sauce too, €10.90 it came to. Smoked cod for me, fresh cod for my wife. Deadly.

  4. Charlie

    We love good healthy grub us Irish and when it’s half price we can spend the saving on a few tins of coke.

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