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  1. Smith

    The Sun’s repetitive use of the word “Junkies” is despicable. This feud is devastating and terrorising the north inner city, a disadvantaged area already rife with social problems including drug addiction. Shame on Stephen Breen and Eaven Murray.

    1. Kieran NYC

      As soon as the army starts policing the population instead of defending them, you have a real problem. That’s why they split up the Justice and Defense Departments again.

      Try thinking for once.

      1. Wayne.F

        Constitutionally, it is perfectly legal for the armed forces to support the Gardaí. They can do so in multiple roles, including administration, surveillance and logistics support to free up Gardaí.

        The Gardaí know who is involved time to start arresting these boys constantly, making. Their life a misery

  2. Shayna

    It may sound a tad trivial to comment on ‘Luke’s” dog – but it’s a Pomeranian, rather than a Chihuahua? The latter haunts me from years ago as a spelling test to be a proof-reader for a local newspaper.

    1. jack johnson

      I was looking to see what breed the dog is – it’s the image of mine but mine is Chihuahua and also a tad smaller

  3. Shayna

    I had a velvety-textured spiel written about the Kinahans, but my LT crashed – You’re up late Frilly Keane by the way?

      1. Shayna

        No-one will know – perhaps that’s the humanity? It was only ever going to be a late night discussion about existentialism v’s latent perceived reality, and related topics.

          1. Kieran NYC

            This feud seems to be going nowhere, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities for your spiel :) haha

  4. Shayna

    Between me and you (condensed spiel) – I got a taxi in Belfast today, the driver heard my accent – assumed I was from Dublin (I’m not), immediately started into the Hutch/Kinahen feud scenario – he ranted about hanging drug dealers, then the journey in the cab was over -mercifully!

    1. Kieran NYC

      They don’t like free-lance drug dealers there. They prefer to keep it in-house (paramilitaries)

      1. some old queen

        In fairness it is mainly loyalists involved in the drugs trade up there and the paramilitary structures have contained most of the usual associated violence. There is a lot less heroin in Belfast but it is awash with recreational type drugs.

        1. classter

          ‘it is mainly loyalists involved in the drugs trade up there’
          I am extremely sceptical of that statement.

  5. Lilly

    On the one hand we have people from the north inner city saying they are being terrorised and on the other, onlookers saying let them have at it and save the tax payer the cost of locking them up. But the Hutches apparently aren’t even drug dealers so what’s it really about? Gardai enlisting help of Spanish police according to latest reports.

    1. classter

      The Spanish police have helped store up trouble for the rest of Europe by letting people like the Kinehans decamp to Spain while the authorities there turned a blind eye.

  6. DubLoony

    Haven’t we seen all this before?
    We have CAB, we have loads of laws etc.

    Bottom line is that drugs need to be decriminalized, with injection rooms for addicts to break the cycle.

  7. topsy

    The garda need ” more firepower” All the fire power in the world is of little use if these fellas are running around Dublin under the noses of the boys in blue.

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