4 thoughts on “Art Before Commerce

  1. The People's Hero

    I came to Calvin and Hobbs a little later in my early life. Bloom County was my first real love and probably is still today. But it’s fair to say that of all the great syndicated strips, Calvin and Hobbs has not been bettered.

    It’s sad that there’s no more Sunday funnies in the papers any more. A staple of my youth.

    1. What Goes Up...

      Bloom County FTW

      Berkley Breathed started putting out new strips (on Facebook) after a hiatus of many years:

      2 new books, due out in September, can be pre-orders:
      Bloom County: A New Hope Episode XI
      The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic

  2. UnicornForMyBog

    This is why I love broadsheet. Not thought about Calvin and Hobbes in years, now away to the attic to dig out old books for the little one.. Nice one, thank you broadsheet!

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