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Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson’s collaboraton with Stephan Pastis for his strip Pearls Before Swine – the famously reclusive artist’s first published comic work since Calvin & Hobbes finished (the only other piece is his poster for an upcoming documentary Stripped).

The collaboration, which Pastis describes as “A glimpse of Bigfoot“, was only revealed with the publication of the 3rd strip today.

Bill Watterson’s Strips For Pearls Before Swine (Bleeding Cool)


A teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary (due out in November) about the best comic strip in the history of the Universe.

Liam at Comic Cast writes:

If you can’t wait until November to see it, might we recommend this very excellent radio documentary by Phil Jupitus on the same subject


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 09.56.43

We’re suckers for Calvin and Hobbes and animator Adam Brown has filled our heads with what could have been with this animation of a classic C & H strip.


Typical boy and tiger shenanigans incorporated into photographic backgrounds by Redditor nite4awk.

All available here in glorious desktop resolution.


The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine, created by Michael Yingling (the site isn’t actually Bing-powered. ‘Bing’ is Yingling’s nickname. Is the thing), will link to all the strips containing the search term you input, including summary, release date and the publications they appeared in.

Get your small boy and stuffed tiger on here.


Despite its 10 year run, it’s a rarity for one of the original Calvin and Hobbes strips to change hands and one has never before come up for auction.

This Sunday strip from 1986 is being put up for sale at the Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction in Dallas next November.  Lend us a few quid for it, will you? It’ll look perfect hanging in my bedroom the office bathroom.