If Life Is A River And Your Heart Is A Boat



So, who won the Golden Discs play a tune my mother loves competition?

There could be only one winner.

Mary Black – No Frontiers (1989)

Chosen by Adam B, who sez:

To cheer herself up my mother used to play No Frontiers by Mary Black. Well it’s the song I remember most from when I’d get up on a Sunday morning and she’d have the record player on, toast on the table.

Since she passed I couldn’t listen to or even think of the song without becoming a blubbery mess. Reeling in the Years 1989 caught me off guard more than once in front of friends and family.

I took her stash of records when we sold the house a few years ago, lo and behold there is the record sleeve (top being held by my son). Alas, no record inside but what can you do! Long winded answer but there you go.”


Bubblin under:

Boj: “To cheer up my mother I usually play Ghostbusters Theme tune by Ray Parker Jr.
She loves it when I do the walk, y’know the thumbs in the pockets and heels to the beat, She gets so clappy & giddy watching her little boy do this…..I’m 36.”

Pip: “To cheer up my mother I usually play Heroin by Lou Reed.”

“To cheer up my mother I usually play, “My Girlfriend Has A Mobile Phone” by Richie Kavanagh. She’s a jolly oul bat but her music taste is very questionable :-D”

“To cheer up my mother I usually play Foolin’ Around by Jacques Villeneuve.”

“To cheer up my mother I usually play Limerick You’re A Lady by Denis Allen. Tis true – after 50 years in the UK, she still loves it.”

Ciarán: To cheer up my mother I play Piano Man by Billy Joel, then we take the piss out of our wrongly interpreted lyrics! “…and he’s sitting with Davy who’s sipping on gravy “

ItWasChaosBilly: “To cheer up my mother I always play ‘Message to You Rudy’ by the Specials, because she always seems to forget that she’s told me a million times that the best gig she ever saw was The Specials and The Beat together in Leisureland in the 80s in Galway. I think it’s her way of telling me she was cool, and it’s great.”

Optimus grime: “To cheer up my mother I usually play Tommy K by Mike Denver as she spends so much time attending his gigs and concerts I am starting to think I might be adopted and Mike might actually be her real son!”

Thanks all.

Golden Discs

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  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    baby you’re born to float… heavens knows no frontiers and I’ve seen heaven in your eyes …

  2. Waddy Dilson

    No one going to congratulate your man on the lovely story no? Fickle bunch of spas

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