10 thoughts on “#mentalillnessfeelslike

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      The general message is that it’s normal to suffer from “mental illness” at some point(s) in one’s life. The severity can vary in much the same way that degrees of physical injury or illness can too. For example if you received a minor cut or graze you would treat it yourself with some antiseptic and a plaster. A similar degree of “mental illness” might be something as simple as a stressful day at work or a family issue that’s weighing on your mind. However, while you might treat the graze quickly and effectively as a matter of course, would you be as likely to treat the mental setback? The salve for the mental setback might be a just chat with a friend or to go for a run or walk, but how many of us think about it that way?

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I think that’s probably half the point; it’s okay to have those feelings cause everyone else does.

  1. Tony

    Well you DO all seem like the type to be having regular tugs of war with yourselves in fairness

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