Call of Tallaght




No one is safe

From spherical non-metallic pellets.

Leigh Dalton writes:

I’m a Dublin based filmmaker and have just launched a new promo video (above) for an airsoft club in Tallaght. It would be awesome to have it shared as it would be great publicity for the guys in Tallaght CQB coming into the Summer…

Tallaght Airsoft Club (Facebook)

BPM Videos (Facebook)

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3 thoughts on “Call of Tallaght

  1. Digs

    Great that the guys are getting some free publicity but the clip isn’t very good. Badly dubbed.also sick to death of drone footage.

    1. Paps

      Unless they got the relevant permits, flying drones above residential / built up areas is also illegal.

    2. realPolithicks

      “sick to death of drone footage”

      Ffs, are you nuts? There’s three seconds of drone footage in the video, get a grip.

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