34 thoughts on “Helter Skelter In A Summer Swelter

  1. Condescending nana

    watch them jump off the quays, hang around until they mug you later that evening

    1. Wayne.F

      F*&k Off. They are mostly kids and they add great color and atmosphere to that part of the city, and for the most part are pretty decent and engaging with others.

    2. Jess

      saying ‘Hand it over, your fois gras and copy Bulgaria holiday home monthly or your life!’

  2. Smith

    The tone of these pieces every summer is classist and nasty.

    They are kids having fun. The North inner city has enough problems at the moment. I would call this positive.

  3. garthicus

    Yeah we really enjoyed Africa Day, the only downside was that there were no ATM’s that I could find and nowhere (besides one clothes seller) took debit cards.

    1. Waddy Dilson

      Ah now come on, very few places with stalls will take cards.
      Even the baby fair last year, only one guy had a card reader.

          1. garthicus

            Not sure why it would be unlikely, but I learned my lesson. Bring cash to these things.

          2. Tish Mahorey

            “but I learned my lesson. Bring cash to these things.”

            Exactly. Well done.

    2. 15 cents

      it wasnt a problem for anyone with the slightest grip on organising themselves. who would have expected an ATM out there? sort your paper out on the way. musta passed loads of em. i bet ur one of those people in petrol stations who pay with card at the til when theres an ATM in the shop.

      1. garthicus

        Why would I queue twice at a petrol station? Once for the ATM and again to pay?

    1. 15 cents

      thinly veiled racism there, human. having an ireland day in ireland would be beyond stupid. doesnt make any sense. and if they did do that, you’d be on here bleatin on about them tryna steal paddys day. the africans are grand, leave them alone. as are the chinese and whoever else you have a grudge against for no reason.

          1. human

            I can see accusing people of racism makes you feel all warm and fuzzy…….. Virtue Signal much?

          2. 15 cents

            weird. for a start, im not accusing you of being racist, im literally saying that you are racist, and thusly calling you racist. doesnt make me feel fuzzy, dunno why it would. you should try a different angle, coz this ones not workin for ya. at the end of the day, ur havin a go at there being an ‘africa day’ in ireland, and bizarely want there to be an ireland day also or instead. thrown by nigerians. why? when its paddys day abroad, do u think the next day all the irish there should throw a day for that country? see i dont think this is the actual issue for u, i think the issue for u is u dont like foreigners celebrating their heritage in this country. but why? come on out now and back up what ur sayin.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Did anyone try the Kenyan food…. damn queue was longer than a free One Direction gig announcement!

    So… I ate a load of mini-donuts instead…. as the queue was really short…. :(

    1. garthicus

      Yeah, it was great – my wife was thrilled, she got to have some of her favourite childhood food, my boys enjoyed it too. We got there nice and early and there was no queue.

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