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This morning.

Clive writes:

 Outside four star accommodation at corner of Lansdowne Road (Ballsbridge, Dublin 4). Not very accommodating.




Portobello, Dublin 8

Sheila Larkin writesL

Dear Dublin City Council. Please look up before removing this bike.

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36 thoughts on “Love Lock

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Yes, those white bikes are memorials to cyclists who were killed in road accidents and they are a sombre reminder to be aware of cyclists and for cyclists to be aware of other road users.

    1. Turgenev

      Surely they’re a reminder for drivers to be careful and take care of vulnerable cyclists?

      1. Tish Mahorey

        That bike is a memorial to a man who killed by a truck at Harold’s Cross a few years ago. I’m sure his family and friends will think your comment is in really good taste.

  2. Bob

    Would it not be best to make a memorial that doesn’t look like abandoned rubbish and didn’t require the council to read up on any possible campaigns being made online?

    1. pedeyw

      Investing a “locked bikes will be removed” sign might be an idea, though instead of getting snotty with someone straight out of the gate.

  3. Murtles

    Ah here put up a small plaque or something but abandoning a bike until times end is just littering.

          1. Harry Molloy

            I could have sworn I saw “were” instead of “wear”!
            I do struggle with typing

  4. Harry Molloy

    I think the ghost bikes are a good thing but that one is particularly poor and maybe he didn’t realise, all the paint chipped off it and it’s hard to tell what it is.
    If they are being left in those locations permanently it may be a good idea te repaint yearly?

  5. 15 cents

    seems a kinda grungy way to mark the spot of someones death. Loving father of two, adored by all who met him, John will be missed … here’s a tatty beat up piece of poo bike painted white with a stencil tag of a website on it containing the word ‘ghost’

  6. Eamonn Clancy

    There’s too many memorials to road deaths, I’d like to take a hammer to a few of them.

  7. Liam from Lixnaw

    on the first bike, many stolen bikes are locked up elsewhere until they are moved on as lads dont want ot be caught with them at home.

    so cut away i say

  8. Skeptik

    Tasteful, temporary reminders have more impact. Such as the campaign to mark all road deaths with a cross for a few weeks.

    Bikes like this fade in significance as people get used to seeing it – they become invisible. Eventually all they do is serve to hinder pedestrians and maintenance of railings.

    1. Turgenev

      Not really, Skeptik. Everyone who cycles or drives past Emmet Bridge in Harold’s Cross sees, each time, the memorial white bike to the Chinese cyclist killed by a jacknifing artic there. Especially as local people and passing cyclists still regularly place flowers on it.

      Mind you, a curved plaque fitted to the crossbar of each ghost bike with the name of the cyclist and the day, date and time of his or her death would be useful.

      By the way, 71 people have been killed on the roads this year already. We’re pretty casual about that.


  9. ForFecksSake

    Aside from the ghost bikes thing. This shows the limitations of DCC’s bike removal policy. If a bike has two flat tyres and no chain I’m pretty sure nobody is coming back for it so why waste time checking on it repeatedly.

  10. rotide

    Sheila needs to dismount that large horse. I’ve never heard of ghostbikes in my life. Maybe DCC haven’t either.

    it’s a nice tribute but it’s up to ghostbikes to inform DCC of the tribute, not up to DCC to check if every piece of rusting metal chained to railings belongs to some non-profit organisation

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      dear Sheila

      please stop caring about real things that affect real people and instead try taking account of my petty trolling

      yours, rotten commentator

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