Skins In The Game




Fweed (Public Affairs, Regulatory and Legal Advice Service for the Hemp Industry) writes:

If Ireland legalised cannabis, we could create ads like this one (above), and generate lots of jobs



32 thoughts on “Skins In The Game

  1. Al Jeers

    A dream catcher? Bit retograde no? Do you really want to further associate your product with hippies? Decent Sativa should make you alert and inquisitive – not noddling about confused as to the location of your headband.

  2. Kolmo

    Nice. Far less murderous than prohibition, and late nite outside-chipper-alcohol-ape-fights

  3. neil

    There are plenty of good reasons to legalise, but an ad with stereotypical “hippy” imagery that still includes an attractive, scantily-dressed woman and a completely irrelevant cliché quote, is not one of them.

    1. Gorev Mahagut

      I think the idea here is to take something that used to represent “dropping out” of the industrial rat-race, and turn it into just another commercialised commodity. The value of anything is the jobs it creates (rather than work being the production things we value). Dissent from the market becomes impossible; the use of tired stereotypes is deliberate, as the aim is to undermine imagination itself.

      1. neil

        It’s an interesting reading, but I really doubt that’s the aim of the creator. Particularly since having a look at the Twitter account it came from.

  4. Al Katraz

    Good to see that your use of this mind-altering drug has blown your consciousness so wide open that you are able to think far beyond the usual sexist cliches that predominate mainstream advertising

  5. The Real Jane

    So cabinets is for the men? That’s the message from the ad, right, that cabinets not for girls, like yorkie bars.

  6. Liam

    Unlikely… if cigarette advertising is banned, I doubt weed advertising would be allowed. It would almost certainly be subject to the same plain-packaging, smoking ban restrictions.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I’d say it would be more like alcohol. Don’t advertise to kids and you’re more or less good.

      1. neil

        You could argue that it should be more like alcohol, but I highly doubt it would go from being illegal to being as openly advertised as alcohol. Even if it did, alcohol advertising is becoming less acceptable and more restricted by the month.

    2. SunnyDays

      If cannabis were to be legalised with the same advertising restrictions as tobacco; then at least the senseless financial black hole which prohibition consumes would be gone and whole new market of opportunity opens up.

      Remember how the Mafia gained most of it’s early financial stonghold was via the 1920’s alcohol prohibition of the US. The current equivalent is non-prescribed drug prohibition. (one often wonders how those who prescribe drugs which are “legal” are never accountable for the failure of that prescription)

  7. Fully Keen

    A radio show shut down head shops.

    Get real.

    Ireland will not be legalizing marijuana or heroin or speed or posh or crack or yer ma or meow mix anytime soon.

    Let’s all try putting our efforts towards legalizing a non corrupt political system or broadband for all or abortion or…..

    1. Delacaravanio

      Cannabis legalisation is only a matter of time. Head shops were rightly shut down as they were selling their products “not for human consumption” (i.e. outright fraud).

  8. Continuity Jay-Z

    They need to mock up a Wickla jersey with a sponsor that sells drugs.

    Then have a Galway Hurler flake a sliotar at a panes of glass with Anxiety, ennui, phlegmatic and such like written on it.

    Also the Kush U.21 Football championship.

  9. Tish Mahorey

    I can’t stand that dreams quote. Almost as annoying as the Forest Gump quotes. Only idiots use them.

  10. Anne

    It’d be great, we could all go around strung out, singing Kumbayah, withering our brains away, getting progressively more and more paranoid, or get schizophrenia, but it’s harmless shur..

    1. Anne

      Re the schizophrenia and cannabis.. I didn’t realise 1 in 20 could develop it through cannabis use, until I heard an interview with this guy on RTE –

      Sir William published many papers with his colleagues in the Seventies, revealing for the first time evidence that even limited social use of cannabis could precipitate schizophrenia in people who previously had no psychological problems.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Thank you for your borrowed analysis Anne.
        The people who’s stuff you copy & paste must love you.

        I’m a Herbalist meself.
        You know that.

        Funny that the people on this site think that YOU are the crazy one, eh?
        -That must drive you mad, eh?

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