You May Like This: New Jackson


dkpress shot

New Jacksondoing the festival rounds in Ireland and Europe

What you may need to know…

01. The man currently known as David Kitt, is also currently known as New Jackson. Yep, the very same.

02. Out with the moody singer-songwriter stuff, in with sunny, disco-y house.

03. Streaming above is Having a Coke With You, from his EP of the same name released in 2014 on Permanent Vacation. Following up with 12″ single Metroflex, he’s since been getting attention for remix work with the like of the xx.

04. Next appearances are this Friday at Cobh’s Sirius Arts Centrethis Saturday at M-NUS (note the on-brand spelling) in Cork, July 1st at Derry’s Celtronic festival, July 3 at Castlepalooza fest. More info on UK and Europe dates here.

Verdict: A big romance with the horizon for Kitt, embracing sunnier sounds and following his own muses.

New Jackson

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This: New Jackson

  1. Quint

    New Jackson? What year is this? 2008? He’s been doing the New Jackson thing for years now…

  2. Peter Dempsey

    David Kitt’s father and aunt were Fianna Fail TDs. Yet he has never been pilloried for this. Why?

    1. The Key of G

      Because it’s irrelevant and anyway his music is
      poo enough already on its own merits rather than kicking him into the dirt with the FF stuff anyway

  3. Mulder

    Yeah his father is Tom Kitt, former FF, minister, now long forgot but appears he be making a come back of sorts.
    If listen to that record very carefully or play it backwards ye can actually hear Tom on the drums and doing noises with ehh his mouth.
    Tom was also a ehh dab hand on the ehh, fiddle.
    Enough said.

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