17 thoughts on “Air Metal

  1. Eoin

    Oh my God! I was just saying the other day someone should splice some death metal into that footage of Enda playing air guitar to the Boss. Magic stuff.

  2. Waddy Dilson

    Math Metal?!
    Good lord, these americanised makey uppy sub-genres are insufferable. IDM (intelligent dance music….eugh) being the first and worst offender.
    Really bloody annoying.
    What defines “Math metal” Thomas?

          1. Waddy Dilson

            I dunno, check with Thomas there if he can have a look at Pitchfork and see what they’re calling prog-rock and post-rock these days.

    1. Freddie

      Let me Google that for ya grandad

      “Whereas most rock music uses a 4/4 meter (however accented or syncopated), math rock frequently uses non-standard time signatures such as 7/8, 11/8, or 13/8, or features constantly changing meters based on various groupings of 2 and 3. This rhythmic complexity, seen as “mathematical” in character by many listeners and critics, is what gives the genre its name.”

      1. Waddy Dilson

        So anything using a more complex time signature requires it’s own genre now?

        I’d suggest going back and reclassifying a lot of classical music so, Sorry, math-classical

  3. formerly known as @ireland.com

    They showed that video of Enda dancing, on Australian TV news. I suppose it is better than bombings, that we used to see.

  4. Mairead

    That was cat – as in catastrophic, the ‘music’ and the balcony yobs ‘dancing’ in the cheap seats……

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